Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday & Projects In Progress

I recently found Mandisa actually I think it was Monday on Good Morning America and I hunted up her you tube videos and realized that so much  of her music speaks to me directly u know how it is when something speaks to your soul to your spirit- it lifts you up and makes you feel better well this song did that for me the past couple of days  

so I'm gonna let ya see the not so nice
the crazy mess on the inside of my house this week lol
it is driving me crazy and making me want to scream making me feel out of control funny thing is I have taken more steps this week to be "IN Control" of my life I am being more diligent about counting my calories on my
Salter Nutri-Weigh Dietary Computer Scale
(this is not a paid endorsement although if they want to contact me I am good with that I just think this is a great helpful easy to use product that I am using to help myself loose weight and gain control)
and I have committed to walking- and it is kicking my but - hopefully kicking the butt right off of me lol  
See I want to be able to go to places like Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse and The Grand Canyon next year and be comfortable walking.... that is a big time goal.
Well I guess I have kind of let you see a bit of the mess on the inside of me too lol now back to the house
although I know this song is more about the emotional crazy mess on the inside that we all go through sometimes and truthfully every lil thing is making me tear up this week from a commercial to a you tube video to  Principal Sherrie Gahn of a Las Vegas Elementary school that is meeting the needs of her students on a daily basis
( I think I am PMSING)
This time it's about the crazy mess here at home- a ton of things in the works and no real publishable progress on anything lol
But lets go through it 

There is the never ending laundry - you know how it goes as soon as the basket is empty you can find something else to fill it.  But the thing is my wonderful dear hubby made these great shelves over our W+D I think more than a year ago and I still haven't made curtains to hide the collection of stuff- all stuff we need and use but none the less stuff.  I could go on about not finding a fabric I like and not figuring out how to go about it but at this point it's crawling up under my skin so the fabric is coming out of the stash and I'll figure out a way lol
this is the bed our bed which is awesome for us 

with our Doggie Girl ramp for Maggie and Jorgie that my honey made and the bed is now dressed in clean linens and the beautiful set my dh picked out recently- well bout 6 months ago from BB+B it has beautiful Texas Stars and Barbed wire stitched on it.  Much prettier than it sounds but there are alot of accent projects I have going on for this room that are in the works
this is the rug I am knitting from old t-shirts 8-) 
we shall see lol inspired by something I saw at a Linky Party recently

THEN there is this the TWO closets that aren't meeting needs
this is the coat closet in the hallway- we have never used it as a coat closet immediately upon moving in I turned it into a shoe closet - never did like the idea of keeping smelly shoes in your clothes closet

and the other closet above is our guest room closet that isn't serving this family very well and I have been tossing around the idea of flipping them so that is in the works

this stuff here well one comes from the Mother of Invention 
NECESSITY lol and the other come from pinspiration so stay tuned for that!!

So all this is in the works and none of it was worked on last weekend because we got food poisoning from a restaurant in Wichita Falls Texas- big clue here was- I ordered Iced Tea- he brings it too us and the waiter says taste it u might want to order something else alot of my customers don't like the way our water tastes right now- there is something wrong with it.... me oh yuk it is awful- honey tazte this- oh it's gross get something else - so I order something from the bar **Lifenote- restaurants still have to cook stuff with water- i.e. mexican rice and beans... water from a restaurant doesn't just end up in their iced tea... 4 days of well u get the picture ugh!!.
Have a great weekend coming up everyone
hope you enjoyed the song.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recipe Burst Tomatoes & Squash over Pasta

This recipe for Burst tomatoes and squash over pasta is so easy.   I just love the sweet taste and juiciness of tomatoes heated to just that bursting point so awesome - this is my second attempt at creating this dish the first time I used to much squash and put the tomatoes in at the same time turned into a big mushy mess.  This time I added the tomatoes at the point where the squash was almost done and  pulled everything right when they burst... and it all goes so quick in my  Pizza Maker Gotta Get It Gadget

What you will need 
Pasta of your choosing  Cooked
(I used barilla plus spaghetti) 
A couple good handfuls of small cherry type tomatoes of your choosing
A Couple squash of your choosing sliced evenly
(I used 1 summer yellow and 1 mexican grey)
Seasoning of your choice
(I used deLallo tomato and basil this has 4 compartments of different herb blends so cool got it at kroger)

1 TBS + of olive oil not evoo but regular olive oil
a hand full of fresh basil torn for garnish topping
Shaveable cheese of your choosing
and either a frying pan or a Gotta Get It Gadget Pizza Maker

I cooked my pasta and drained it and put it back in the pot to stay warm
I sliced and tossed my squash in the olive oil and seasoning and placed in my heated pizza maker that I brushed with a tad of olive oil  and closed the lid. 

I turned them when one side was browned with delicious flavor- goes so quick in the Gotta Get it Gadget 
and I add the tomoatoes and close the lid

u can hear the tomatoes bursting and I start pulling them into a bowl at that point by using a big pancake flipper

Place over pasta garnish with cheese and basil and enjoy

Below is a video by Phillip Phillipps 
love it thought I would share
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Egg Tomato & Scallion Sandwich gets me back on track Thanks

this recipe is not my own I got it from 
go to the link to see the recipe
but I gotta say it is soooo simple and so tasty it becomes elegant and I am thankful for such a beautiful compliment of flavors to get me back on track after all that MEAT lol.
I served myself this lunch with cut fresh vegetables with horseradish wasabi to dip in and fresh cherries for a sweet treat.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard 8 BBQ did me in and Best Cornbread Ever

Hard 8 BBQ did me in
we went to a college graduation party over last  weekend and they brought the 
BBQ + sides in from Hard 8 BBQ location Coppell
Everyone was eating when we got there and I was good at that point I just had some potato salad cole slaw and pinto beans but that was 3 o'clock by time the second feeding came around at 6:30 my self control was weigning.. I mean the smell of all that smoked meat... I was fairly good when my husband brought over his first full plate of MEAT and sat down next to me I held off and held off and right before he went for his second huge plate of MEAT lol I had a bite of his chicken popper- that was it it was like
the sweetness of the chicken the spiciness of the Jalapeno the salty fatness of the bacon.... to die for.  I would leave a link for the bbq joint but their link is broke it just circles you back to google.  I was still relatively good at that point only had 3 poppers but they sent us home with MEAT 3 days worth of MEAT lol

What u see below are our leftovers on day 2 some of the best ribs ever and chicken poppers. The Beans are Bushes BBQ Burbon beans out of a can and the corn bread I made my husband said the cornbread was the best he ever had  and truthfully it was I made it in my Gotta Get It Gadget Pizza Maker HERE

I used 3 boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix  I used part half and half and  part water I
added fresh cilantro, sliced scallions and 2 % cheddar cheese to the mix and popped it into my preheated Gotta Get It Gadget Pizza Maker
It was done in a flash and it turned out light and moist and ohh so tasty - so tasty that I have realized it is a trigger food for me so it won't see this household again unless I have a big crowd to feed.... I find it hard to control myself around it's sweet savoriness.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

UGH FIRE ANTS Can I get some Sympathy LOL

Freaking  Fire ANTS what freaking good are they??  what good are any kind of ants?   I mean what is their purpose in the big scheme of things??  I think they were made to just p. o. humans.  Oh wait I now remember that national geo program where they are removing decay from the rain forest or something useful like that. Useful phhh   Well why can't I have that kind around here? I got to have fire ants and in our 7 years of living here we have never had them come into the house.... until today today of all days a day when I had a bad night fighting a flu vacillating (that one is for you honey)between the shivers and the sweats... having to wake up at 4:30 to get my honey off to work(thank God that don't happen often)... a day when I had plans of surfing linky parties and pinterest and tweeting... now I have moved all the furniture in my living room sprayed the ants dead in the house... proceded to do a granual sweep of the foundation pouring poison on 5 nests now i have to vacuum and then steam clean the poison out of the carpet in the living room- so not what I wanted to do today... Freakin fireants and I know my Texas Peeps know what I am talking about.... Accepting all forms of Sympathy promptly- gifts candy chocolate baked goods please Fed Ex to 101 feeling sorry for myself way Texas USA lol
Have a great weekend
Sure wish I had instagram bet someone caught me roaming the outside of my house in nightgown and robe poking nests and pouring poison... lol I know someone facebooked the crazy ant lady lol...
ok stepping away from the key board now
well I wasn't away for long wanted to add a couple things for those that don't know what fire ants are - they are a red ant that likes to bite humans - if u fall into a nest- thus disturbing them or even step on one - depending on the size of the nest they can cover you in a minute with millions of biting ants...
even one bite to someone who is allergic can be deadly.
The other thing is I wanted to share  that u all know I am desperatly trying to loose weight-it is things like this situations like this that make me want to eat eat alot doesn't even have to be oooey gooey comfort foods- I don't know if it is because i feel so out of control or the selfishness in me isn't getting to do what I want so I am gonna give myself food.. and lots of food cause that is gonna make it better- well it never does...part of me thinks I shouldn't be sharing this but i bet there are gals and guys out there who can relate.... anywhooo I am committing to yall to MYSELF not to stuff my body with food today over this cause it ain't gonna make a dang thing feel better and it will just set me back and the guilt just a viscious circle that won't start today
xoxo RaNae


It won't be long before Jerry's Place is brimming with activity

I have to tell you I have come to like watching football over the last 5 years but I don't have a strong team affiliation  which u may find funny as I live within 40 minutes of Cowboys Stadium
 I didn't grow up on football not like a native Texan or Okie has with it  injected- mainlined into their blood like an addict or terminally ill patient who's lifesaving medicine it is.
 I didn't grow up with brothers in the household they were halfzies and were MWK from the time I was born.  So I took my cues from my dad- who rooted for whom he though would bring him the biggest profit on the bet or I should say bets he placed
(he had a bit of a gambling love)
that week so I had no consistent long term team running through my veins.
As a child I remember (dating myself here) Joe Namath but not attaching him to the Jets was it?  I remember liking the Dolphins mostly because of the team colors and I enjoyed  making pompoms out of the sunday paper to fling around while watching a lot of college football.  
In my teen years I think the Dallas Cowboys became "Americas" team which was convenient from me because I lived within walking distance of their old pre season training camp in Thousand Oaks CA at the CLC so they kinda became my team at that time for that season of my life.
As an adult I married a great guy who isn't really into football and well I understand and agree with a lot of his reasons well all of them actually-
 1. not considering them heros I mean really they just throw and catch and kick balls- they tackle people to the ground- If I am gonna consider someone a hero it will be because they save someones life or cure cancer- or wipe my dying Fathers bottom because he can't do it for himself
2. not worshiping them- personally I believe no person is worthy of worship but surely not someone who just kicks, throws and catches a ball- or tackles a person to the ground- 
3. their over pay that is disgusting... 
but I have to say Now in the last 5 years  I like watching it- maybe it is the hi Def tv and stero sound which  makes u feel like your right  on the field I mean really in some of these games you can here the guys breath and grunt!!   Maybe it is the raw warrior like energy of the games- actually allowing for stress relief from the arm chair at least I find that to be so.
So I am READY for some Football maybe this year I will attach myself to a team - gotta say I am kinda leaning towards the Oakland Raiders I liked Pryor the quarterback in the first preseason game the Cowboys played against the Raiders last night.   I thought he was smart and talented and gosh they have the coolest craziest fans (photos here)- I saw one dressed up like Cenobite Pinhead from Clive Barkers Hellraiser ya gotta love that kind of creativity and passion.
I'll leave you with some pics we took of the 
Cowboys Stadium Tour
 we took at the beginning of the summer

Lets Get This Party Started!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hutch Change and Rooster ReDo

Hi everyone I have some Decor stuff to share
This is my China Hutch that resides in my dinning room.  We purchased it from Ikea 7 years ago when we moved into this house. I like the contrast of it's modernness against my more antique/cottage sensibilities. I am in the process of trying to create more storage in my house and more of a cottage look ...

and I always wanted to do this... line the back of the hutch with this toile fabric I have.  I also moved more of our glassware into the hutch by using tiered stands the kind u get for cans for the pantry.
I like the way it turned out.

So I have had this print of this rooster for about 7 years I picked it up at Wal Mart for $3.oo and stuck it in this old plastic frame from a broken mirror and popped it on the wall and there it sat for 7 years.  I didn't even take it out of the plastic ... but as of late I have had this creative urge I think it is all the blog hopping and pinning but I turned this 
into this I cut the rooster out and modge podged toile fabric onto the board the print was on then I modge podged the rooster onto that.  I also modged some lil sayings and calendars onto the fabric then I antiqued it with antiquing medium and yellow ochre artists pigment and added some bobbles, and animal print fringe and crystal fringe
all items I had on hand so it is a freebie.  It looks so cute in person.  

My Rooster ReDo was
 Featured @
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I was featured on My 1929 Charmer Blog!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recipe Meatless Mexican Pizza Individual Size

This recipe was inspired by
at Shaken Together Blog
This is a super easy recipe for Individual Meatless Mexican Pizza 
they are easy to put together u don't have to top with what i chose u can choose your own combination of favorite mexican tastes maybe add some black olives and use pepper jack cheese instead,they are definitely tasty we will surely be eating these again - I found that the beans really gave me the protein boost and filled in for meat i.e. hamburger
The best thing is you can hold the whole pizza in 1 adult hand.
You will need 1 can 
open them up and flatten/roll out to your desired thickness and place back in frig to re chill while u prepare the rest
Pre heat oven to 400f
Some cooked black beans about 1+1/2 cup 
(i do mine from raw beans and keep in frig for weeks recipes I also mash em u can use canned)  1/2 teaspoon of each of the following
paprika, chilli powder
1/4 tsp ground oregano, ground cumin  and garlic powder  I heat the spices then reconstitute the beans by adding water combining the beans into spices
You can top your pizza with anything I chose
chopped scallions, light sour cream, 2% sharp cheddar, picante and my left over 
Mexican Rice Salad recipe HERE

I placed my rolled out low fat buttermilk biscuits on preheated pre oiled baking sheets
and cooked tem to brown of your choosing(I like mine darker than dh)
I fork marked them also and brushed the tops with olive oil
lower your oven to 350f
layer your toppings on and place back into oven to melt the cheese

top with light sour cream and slice scallions and enjoy

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