Thursday, November 30, 2006

Like a Child on Christmas Morning

I'm a snowbaby! Born at the end of December in the heart of the Snowbelt in Upstate New York. I grew up loving snow, playing in it, all bundled up, from the time I could walk. There were igloos, tunnels, snowmen & woman. There were walks through the park and endless hours of sledding down hills with names like The Popcorn and Devils Twist. Snow was a given each year for Christmas and a beautiful glistening blanket throug March untill springs first peepings in April. Snow is a part of me an element of my blood.

Then as a young adult @ 18 I fell in love with my soulmate and shortly there after followed him South first to Alabama filled with a wonderous beauty all it's own and then to Oklahoma for the next 20 years.... Where for probably 15 out of those 20 years we were blessed with snow sometimes for just a day and at others it lasted weeks, each time filling me with Joy and taking me right back to my comfort zone, my element, my childhood.
15 months ago we moved 5 hours south from Oklahoma to the Dallas Fort Worth area and although DFW was sometimes mentioned in our nightly OK weathercasts we didn't really understand how different 5 hours south was weatherwise till we experienced it for ourselves. Last winter I never wore more than a sweatshirt for warmth. This past summver we had over 40 straight day of 100+ temps. And snow is a RARETY (sp?) down here or so they say. Untill.....
An arctic blast has come barelling into North Texas with a fury and a promise of snow for today... so like a child on Christmas Morning I have awoken before the crack of dawn anxious to open my gift and enjoy every minute of this wonderful day.
Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow