Saturday, December 30, 2006

Todays MY Birthday

Today is my Birthday- YAY!!!

Today is my Birthday I am 42 years old- I feel old lol my body aches from the abuse I have harped upon it... oh well don't want to get into that today lol.

I had thought about scanning in a bunch of pictures of me and my Father who passed in 92- as a tribute to him and a way of sharing my Birthday with him - he was my everything- he protected me from my verbally and physically abusive mother- he was there for me every step of the way of growing up he was my Father and My loving Mother- I love and miss him terribly but thought that if I went through the pictures today it would be more than I could handle so I thought I would just share about my wonderful week and shopping/thrifting trip yesterday.

My week was great - I have spent alot of quality time on the couch with Doug (who went back to work on Thursday he's sleeping right now but I know he would say hi to yall) and the girls watching tv and knitting- the only finished knitting project I accomplished so far was a pink scarf as a present for a friend I spent the day with on Thursday. I forgot to take a picture of it but was very proud of it since I am a self taught, novice knitter and hadn't picked up needles in bout 3 years. I love knitting. I've never done more than a few scarves but I love how the yarn feels in my hands-it amazes me how we can maniputlae it into patterns weave it into garments- I love yarn all the different textures... smooth velvety chunky prickly I love yarn but then again I did crochet my first afghan at age 5- ohh what a site to see that was- verigated pink yarn and on each row i added a stitch the end result was a lopsided wonder LOL. Yesterday while at Wal Mart I picked up some green and blue yarn they had on clearance hopefully I can fashion some type of blanket out of it- it may end up being a doggie blanket lol but I am looking forward to trying it after I finish the scarf I'm currently working on. And each weekday I look forward to 10 am because they have placed the diy show Knitty Gritty on HGTV- I am learning alot.

Well like I said I went thrifting yesterday- I never find the furniture I am looking for ugh ... lol but I always seem to find something.

This was my haul except for the Texas Santa my girlfriend Charla made that and gave it to me isn't it adorable!! The mirror, cow, silver and peuter pieces all came from one store and was a total of 17$ they were having an 85%off sale- originally the mirror was 14$ and the cow/moon $25 so I think I did good. The dog and french planter came from another and was a total of 3 $ something.
The boxes along with kleenex boxes not shown was a total of 4$ and the vintage box of cards- 19 out of 21 was only 3$ for the whole box.
I also picked up a bunch of stuff at Walmart to make a care package for my Mother- envelopes and writing paper etc Hopefully she will like it.

Well off to drink some coffee and assign rightful places to my new treasure and pick up those knitting needles again.
Thank you all for reading and for your good thoughts.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update on our Vacation

note if you click on pics it will enlarge them

Doug again, RaNae is on strike she says when she is on Vacation i gotta do all the typing LOL. I guess that means i gotta do all the laundry Too LOL??

So we went out to a celebrated German Town 57 miles from here on Tuesday in the rain guess what it was terrible!!!We will not identify it or the bad resturant we ate at we will just leave it at that. (or the bogus antique store)Well Wensday RaNae was a sweetie she let me catch up on my sleep since i work awkward hours there is usually one day i have to sleep big time. She was so nice to let me sleep while she worked on her Christmas House and kept everything quiet how can you not love someone like that?

So Today (thurs)we left to the Dickies outlet store to get me some pants for work. I have to wear uniforms and the company that supplies them could care less if the britches fits. I sent in 1/2 of my pants and they came back the same length and waist and wore out so we decided we would just go buy pants that fit and stop fighting the system. Well luck would have it they only had one pair RaNae could hem to fit me out of a billion. She got lucky....
After we left we went to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza and possibly a Shiner Bock or two.
We left the Mushroom and went down town to the Flying Saucer so we could go on the balcony and take pictures of downtown Fort Worth Sundance Square and i had to take one for the team I was forced to buy a beer so we could go up i hated to do it but it was for the cause.

When we were on the baclony we spied Shackolad chocolate and had to score some and it was yummy.
After we left we came home and i made some cabbage rolls it is usually on a day off or vacation i make them because of all the tasks required. They sure were good we chowed down on them and afterwards i was sitting in the office with RaNae and the dogs and we fell asleep Imagine That!!

I appreciate all the wonderful comments yall made after my first blog and thank you for being so nice to me.
See ya next time Doug

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday the 18th

Well this is interesting i am Doug, RaNaes husband and am starting my vacation and first thing that happens is i get instructed to post on this blog! So who is actually on vacation? I got home from work and we discussed what to do and decided to go to the Stockyards today

and window shop since we have not been there since our early recon missions before we moved to this area. It was fun we got in right before the cold front rushed in. We took some pics and ate some candy

and i drank a local micro brewed beer which was good.

{ how come I have such a pretty wife? she looks like Maria Carey!!}

They have a cattle drive

down main street in the morning and afternoon and we got there in time to see the afternoon drive (4pm) which included the most beautiful Texas Longhorns I have ever seen

and the cowboys and cowgirls looked like they knew what they were doing.
After we took the pics we wanted,

the cool air 55 degrees (which i gotta tell ya it was 76 when we first got there I might of possibly not been correctly dressed for the cooler weather but i will admit no wrong doing, since i usually am never wrong LOL) The 55 degree air made the decision for us to split. So the only thing left was what form of meat will we eat for dinner. Well i gotta admit after looking at those Longhorns

i wanted some Brisket. So we went to a local BBQ place and had a good meal. When we got home and downloaded our pics from our "new camera" we noticed some quality problems so after some discussion i finally decided i better look at the owners manual which was a last resort. So i think we now have it dialed in and i took some pics of RaNaes trees with the lights on in the dark with no flash let us know what you think.

Well this is way too much hunt and peck typing for me i gotta go give my index fingers a rest.

Have a Happy Night
Hugs Doug

PS look at our treasure from the trip a cowboy boot ornament.

Good Monday To You

7 Days until Christmas
6 Days of shopping left

5 Gold Rings

Well today is the beginning of a wonderful gift 9 whole days with my husband
can we all say VACATION.

This is soo wonderful it is unexpected and is really the best gift of all because we really like each other - we like spending time with each other, we make each other laugh and finish each others sentences... too funny I know but what ya gonna do after 23 years of knowing each other. We are best friends - he is the only person in the world I trust 100%. Anyways enough gushing - giggle... because I could go on forever- like how I gave him a haircut the other day and he looks soo hot... anyways..

We have lots of fun stuff planned- lots of movies in the theater to see and a day trip or two, a couple new resturaunts to add to our repetoire and maybe some thrift stores along the way. I'll be sure and take along the new camera for lots of fun to share.
Happy Monday Everyone
Happy Christmas
Hugs RaNae
Pics for the day here is a shot of My Puca Santa and elf on our desk in the sea shore office We got them in Vegas last year when there at Christmas(I have family there)

They are just tooo cute!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wendy Asked to Share Ornies

Christmas Ornaments.... ahhh memories
Wendy of A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Person Blog asked her readers/friends to share their ornies so here goes...
First I'd like to say I am missing a Christmas Box since our move last year- I had vintage elfs and a memorial ornament for my Father and some others ...... wahhh
I redid my tree yesterday because of a light malfunction. Here is the new version I flattened the branches and used bagged plastic snow instead of the quilt stuffing I like it much better.

I have a small collection of snow people and these love doves well My Mom gave them to me says they look like me and Doug... awww.

This elephant is my new favorite I got him half off at Bombay when I was with my girlfriend- having never been in a Bombay before I have to say I fell in love with some of their ornies.

Here starts my handmade favorites on my small tree by the fp. I cross stitched these back in the late 80's

This was one of two that a dear lil ole lady customer made for us workers at the Kennel that used to keep her dogs back in 1990 love it because she made it it has potpuri inside.

Looking forward to you sharing your ornies.

New Digi Cam

Early Christmas Gift

Well this past week we got a new digi cam and now that I am recovered from technical overload I thought I would share some of the first pics with you I also wanted to say we got a great deal on it at Best Buy it was $254.99 on sale for $179.99 and we used $140.oo worth of points on it sooo for $39.00 (not including the cost of card, extra battery and carrrying case) we have a $250 camera. Can you say Thrifty Can you say Kachinggggggg lol
Oh ps click on the pics to enlarge especially the one of Jorgie it makes it sooo clear... still working on proper sizing etc.... and if anyone knows how to post a video we have been taking min pin videos... I know we are silly doggie parents lol.
Have a great Sunday.

MMM MMM Good Mags lickin her chops after eating lol

Jorgie Sittin Pretty

Snuggle attack by Mags LOL

And this cool Christmas decor shot I took with our old cam.

Kachinggggggggg lol

My latest Thrift Finds
Here are pics of my latest thrift scores
This is a glass vase that was displayed as a candle holder in the thrift shop but I think it will make a nice vase also.

This is the silver pitcher isn't it awesome and 2 cherubs which I will paint a warmer tone for my guest bath

This was the tapestry score right before thanks giving I have yet to hang it waiting till after Christmas

This mirror I scored up in Tulsa- I have a thing for mirrors I will be giving it a paint treatment to match a frame in the dinning room

Here is a not so good pic of my precious treasure from last Friday with my girlfriend the scrolling is all gold I have it on my pass through ledge right in front of the sink.... just love it

This is a 2 sided bisquit tin I bought to resell but I am considering keeping it and doing lots of pink and green accents in my kitchen for the spring inspired by an inherited partial set of desert rose china and how great it looks against my yellow walls in the kitch.