Sunday, December 3, 2006

All I want to do is...

Well today I confess I slept in on top of heading to bed early- & it felt great- I think sometimes our bodies need that would'nt you agree ladies? However I awoke to the realization of what a busy day I have ahead making me want to snuggle right back under the covers lol.
Anyways with it being our Friday {work schedule} I have to balance the checkbook to the statement, pay bills, finish cleaning { the baths are left yuk yuk yuk}- head to the Super WalMart for groceries and some garland and lights, I also have to cut back my front flower garden for the garbage tonight { the freeze with the snow finished off my flowers for the season}, and I have to put up garland with lights around my front door. Somewhere in there I have to also cook and get in a walk(because it's worth it).... and all I want to do is

Snuggle up with my endless collection of Magazines I haven't read and sip tea all day long... see I collect tea I love tea it is so warm and comforting yet can be exhilerating at times, some teas I like honey in - like my lemon soother and others need sugar like the razpberry zinger and still others need sugar and milk such as the red rose... ahh I love tea

Well I'm off to face this busy day.

Happy Sunday

Happy Christmas


  1. I truly enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon.. Rest is such a wonderful thing.. and a necessity I might add.. take care and enjoy the rest of your day:)

  2. Wow you do like tea don't you, what a choice.

  3. I'm a tea drinker too. I love my Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

    Hope you had a good day.


  4. Shirlee I've never had Earl Grey or English Breakfast isn't that funny.

  5. RaNae - I had a day like this today! Just wanted to go back to bed! But, as always, way too much to do!! Maybe someday we'll all get a good sleepy day. Sometimes you just need a relaxing day, right?


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