Friday, December 1, 2006

First of December what a wonderful time of year

Well it snowed here are the pics

Jorgie on the left and Maggie on the right in the blue Maggie is going on 7 and Jorgie is going on 3 they are the light of our lives and are soo filled with personality.

I have to say that the girls really enjoyed it- they love being in their sweaters and I love seeing them in their sweaters - Jorgie in the black plaid to me looks like a lil sheep and you all know how much I love sheep- and if you didn't well I love sheep LOL- Doug {those are his legs in the pic he is my husband, best friend, cooking instuctor etc etc etc} he says Jorgie looks like a lil horse in her horse blanket.

This is Doug everyone I'll have to get a new pic of him he has a goaTee right now and I really really love it ;-) His commute to work was fine which I'm greatful for but I'm even more greatful that he made this for dinner before he left

He is a great cook and although he cooks mainly his "specialties" and I do everything else I have to say I am always greatful for the break and greatful he has taught me so much - well untill we got the Food Network and Fine Living on Satelite- Ya Gotta Love Rachel Ray and Michael Chiarello and The Barefoot Contessa and the rest of them I learn so much from them all now.
Well Happy Day Everyone


  1. Yum, how nice to have a man in the house that can cook, I have three and the best they can do is toast.

    Love the pupps, they look cute in the snow.

  2. Thanks Maddy and Christy.

    I wanted to add that the peperoni on the pizza was turkey peperoni and the hamburger was 97%ff and the cheese on half was FF.

  3. I can't believe you have snow there and we have NO SNOW in NH!

  4. Sweet little dogs ~ I love their jackets.

  5. Hello, I noticed you visited my blog. I enjoyed visiting with you. The pizza looks great. My hubby does most of the cooking, he is pretty good.


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