Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Monday To You

7 Days until Christmas
6 Days of shopping left

5 Gold Rings

Well today is the beginning of a wonderful gift 9 whole days with my husband
can we all say VACATION.

This is soo wonderful it is unexpected and is really the best gift of all because we really like each other - we like spending time with each other, we make each other laugh and finish each others sentences... too funny I know but what ya gonna do after 23 years of knowing each other. We are best friends - he is the only person in the world I trust 100%. Anyways enough gushing - giggle... because I could go on forever- like how I gave him a haircut the other day and he looks soo hot... anyways..

We have lots of fun stuff planned- lots of movies in the theater to see and a day trip or two, a couple new resturaunts to add to our repetoire and maybe some thrift stores along the way. I'll be sure and take along the new camera for lots of fun to share.
Happy Monday Everyone
Happy Christmas
Hugs RaNae
Pics for the day here is a shot of My Puca Santa and elf on our desk in the sea shore office We got them in Vegas last year when there at Christmas(I have family there)

They are just tooo cute!!!


  1. Ahhh, I know, my hubby is my best pal too. I am sure you will have a wonderful time together. Look forward to your updates. Your house looks so cosy, and warm. Thankyou for your nice comments on my blog, you are a special on line pal.

  2. Hey there Wendy good to see you this morning hope your feeling well today... I'm better. So glad your hubby is ybff too.
    Now to see whats happening in your life..

  3. My DH is my best friend too-married 31 1/2 years! It's great to find other people who feel the same way. I have a whole month off from work right now and hubby has a a week and a half off so should be fun.

  4. Hi Ranae :)

    Love the way you did up your mantle and those doggies are just too cute posing like that!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a fun holiday!



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