Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning!!!

Good Morning Everyone

Hello everyone I hope you have a wonderful day today. I am itching to get my hair color done as my roots are all the sudden too "there" lol u know what I mean? It just baffels me how one day they can be fine then the next ~~ ohh my gosh I have to cover these up LOL.

Shabby in the City http://shabbyinthecity.blogspot.com/ complimented me on my red transferware bowl so I thought I would share a picture of my collection that my husband blessed me with one year for Christmas.

I just love it and would love to add to it in the future. We use these dishes everyday.... what's the point of being blessed with something so beautiful and "saving" it for special occasions... wouldn't you agree?

Here are 2 pics for the day one of Christmas Present

And one of Christmas Past 2005

Here is the doggie shot for the day this is Maggie and her plastic foot she loves this foot she grabbed it herself to snuggle with go figure lol

And a cottage shot from the past. This is an incarnation of our br in our old house I am posting this because I miss it and am facing the decision as to what to do with our MBR in the house we are in now. I bought a matchy matchy set for our new house last year that is cottagy in a way I hadn't had a matchy matchy set in probably 12 years. I even bought the coordinating bathroom stuff but I haven't pulled the room together with it all i.e. re done lamp shades etc. or painted the room and at this point I just long for this past look .... Doug has 12 days off for the holiday soon a good time to tackle our master suite.... decisions decisions decisions...

Have a Happy Tuesday Everyone.


  1. Maggie's plastic foot is a hoot! I sure miss having a dog. I had a Jack Russell years ago and he was such a character. I hope sometime down the road to get another one.

    The hutch looks so pretty filled with your transferware. I really like the red. Your pictures always turn out so nice.

  2. Love the transferware-wish I had some. And I love your bed-so pretty with the iron and the pine. I love the warmth of pine.

  3. Hey there Shirlee how are things up in Alberta today? I love Jack Russells... they are alot like Min Pins character wise.

    Thanks Chris I loved it when the bed was like that too.

  4. Hey..I love your dishes as well. Did you by chance see that pic that was posted on GI of all of her trans. dishes displayed together. It's gorgeous! If you haven't seen it, I will email you the pic. I saved it when I saw it.

  5. RaNae - I love your transferware! So pretty. I wish I had your attitude about using things that you are blessed with. I guess, I'm alwasy afraid I'll ruin a good thing! And your Maggie is a sweetie! I love seeing pictures of your dogs. You'll have to post pics of your master suite if you're able to finish it over the holidays! Good luck!! :)

  6. A plastic foot I'm glad you told us it was plastic!

  7. Thankyou for your nice comment on my blog. I love your happy blog. Your soup looks fantastic, your house looks so cozy, and your past trees are beautiful.

  8. Hi RaNae!

    I just figured out that I can add comments to your blog! LOL! I guess I am a little slooooooow these days...

    You chicken soup looks just like the soup we make - same noodles and eveything! I am like you (likah the sauce) while Jim leans towards less sauce.

    You house looks wonderful! I've only put a few things out this year. I am leaning towards simplicity these days and taking a break from the all out, over-the-top decorating that I would normally do. Gives me the time to actually enjoy this time of year rather than running around all frantic and stressing over every little thing. I bet next year I'll be back to my old ways but for now, I am content.

    Working on Christmas cards today and hope to get them all done. We send out quite a bit so that may be too much to hope for!

  9. TY Wendy,Shirl, Christy, Chris, Carolyn, Mel and Tracy

    glad you likea the sauce LOL.


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