Saturday, December 2, 2006

Is it Worth It?

Is it worth it? That is a question that has been forefront in my living experience today.

Is it worth it to walk this morning for excercise? I don't know it's cold out side and I'd much rather be doing work on my houses and drinking coffee and ff cocoa.... but like Oprah, I too who hates to excercise, decided it was worth it and bundled up, harnessed Jorgie and off we went. Did I like it... well it was sunny and breezy and my hands froze- {note to self wear mittens next time dufus LOL} Was it worth it? Yes my heart rate got up- my circulation got going- my metabolizm got boosted- and it got done. And the big plus is Jorgie loved it.

Next I heated up a Lean Quisine Chicken Portabella meal for breakfast it has chicken and wildrice with portabella mushrooms and broccoli and some kind of cherry concoction for desert-{didn't feel like weight control oatmeal this am} and my first concern was the cooking instructions- they didn't have you slit the film for steam realease and it took a longer amount of time to cook it compared to Healthy Choice frozen meals. Well when it was all done cooking it had me wondering big time if it was worth it because the whole inside of the microwave was dripping with steam and was a bit of a pita to clean up. Well I began to eat and the flavor of the chicken and rice was so pleasing I found myself weighing the ? is the clean up worth the taste.... then I bit into the cherry desert concoction and about gagged and immediately realized NOPE this ain't worth it LOL.

So ask yourself today is it worth it?

Happy Saturday


OH PS here is a pic for this morning Jorgie lounging around


  1. Hi RaNae-you'll be one of my daily reads now! Love the blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

  2. Hey Chris thanks for that terrific compliment, your on my daily do list too. And I've linked to yours. Anyways I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. RaNae - is it worth it? That is an excellent question... I am like you, there are things that I KNOW are worth the trouble, but sometimes, the work just doesn't seem to pay off! lol


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