Monday, December 4, 2006

It's Monday

Hello everyone it'sssssssss Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend? Today is the start of ours I'm sure there will be a dinner out, a Christmas light tour and lots of crafting. I have a ? for you all.....
Do ya likeahhh the sauce?? {ref an old episode of SNL}
Last week I made Turkey Noodle Soup as I'm sure many of you did after Thanksgiving.
So I'm wondering how do you like your soup? Do ya likeahhh the sauce or like it dry?
My Husband likes his dry very chunky
with very little "sauce lol"
And me well I like mine well I likeahhh the Sauce
very juicy I love how the hot liquid warms me to the bone and I like to think the more "sauce" ya have the less calories you have lol. {my NY yank side is showin hehe}
So how do you like yours?

Well I think I'll share a pic of Christmas past this is at our old house in Oklahoma. DH and I made the fireplace by oursleves and laid the laminite floor- were actually doing that Christmas day. Funny thing is 2 months later we decided to sell and move to Texas- best thing we ever did... the ole saying is true I wasn't born here but I got here as quick as I could.
Next how bout the Doggie Picture for the day this is Maggie at the beginning of the summer with her first splint on her- poor thing had some problems this past year with her legs- hopefully that is behind us now.
Happy Monday everyone
Happy Holidays


  1. Good Morning RaNae. I remember your last home and the gorgeous fireplace. I sure miss having a fireplace especially on cold nights. So do the cats, they used to love lying in front of the heat. Are your pups like that?

    You know, I live in Alberta and it's kinda like the "Texas" of Canada (except we have winter). We have tons of oil and cattle. I live in the southern part about an hour from the Montana border.
    Oh, and can you buy Earl Gray and English Breakfast tea in the states?

  2. I like the sauce-that's the part that's good for you isn't it? I love soup and usually make a pot of some kind on Sunday nights. This week was Minestone.

  3. I like mine with the sauce... that's the good part! I don't make a lot of soup here. It's too warm to have soup!! I miss it though... sigh... your soup looks delicious!!

  4. Oh I do hope por Maggie has fully recovered.

  5. Yummy soup!!
    My Maggie sends your Maggie a big wet kiss! Hope she is on the mend and as good as new!

  6. I like my soup kind of in between dry and to soupy. But I really love that red transferware bowl...

  7. Hi Raenae. I just found your blog! I see you many places on the web, mostly thathomesite, so I've been "watching" your beautiful decorating for quite some time! I think I'll start a blog. Looks like fun! See you on the boards, and your chicken soup looks delicious! I like the sauce. I eat that first,then eat all the rest after. Especially the noodles! Lauren

  8. aNae said...
    Hi Shirlee one pup is- Maggie she used to love laying in front of it. I would love to visit Alberta sometime we watch the Rodeo from there on Tv each year. Yes I do believe you can buy Earl Grey and English Breakfast here now. I know you didn't used to be able to buy Canadas Red Rose.

    Chris I love Minestrone.
    Today I"m making a WW recipe Easy 15 minute Spicy Sausage Soup- hope it will be good it's the first time.

    Thanks Mel it did turn out good!!

    Carolyn it seems as if she has. She had 2 casts on both front legs 6 weeks apart if it happened again in another 6 weeks she would have had to undergo tests and such but so far so good.

    Kim- My Maggie sends them right back to your adorable Maggie!!

    Shabby Welcome I can't wait to check out your blog. I love the MLK quote you wrote in your bio that is so true isn't it and a good rememberance for me this time of year well any time of year really.Glad to have you hear

    Lauren thank you for the sweet words and compliments please stop by anytime. and if you start a blog let me know.


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