Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday the 18th

Well this is interesting i am Doug, RaNaes husband and am starting my vacation and first thing that happens is i get instructed to post on this blog! So who is actually on vacation? I got home from work and we discussed what to do and decided to go to the Stockyards today

and window shop since we have not been there since our early recon missions before we moved to this area. It was fun we got in right before the cold front rushed in. We took some pics and ate some candy

and i drank a local micro brewed beer which was good.

{ how come I have such a pretty wife? she looks like Maria Carey!!}

They have a cattle drive

down main street in the morning and afternoon and we got there in time to see the afternoon drive (4pm) which included the most beautiful Texas Longhorns I have ever seen

and the cowboys and cowgirls looked like they knew what they were doing.
After we took the pics we wanted,

the cool air 55 degrees (which i gotta tell ya it was 76 when we first got there I might of possibly not been correctly dressed for the cooler weather but i will admit no wrong doing, since i usually am never wrong LOL) The 55 degree air made the decision for us to split. So the only thing left was what form of meat will we eat for dinner. Well i gotta admit after looking at those Longhorns

i wanted some Brisket. So we went to a local BBQ place and had a good meal. When we got home and downloaded our pics from our "new camera" we noticed some quality problems so after some discussion i finally decided i better look at the owners manual which was a last resort. So i think we now have it dialed in and i took some pics of RaNaes trees with the lights on in the dark with no flash let us know what you think.

Well this is way too much hunt and peck typing for me i gotta go give my index fingers a rest.

Have a Happy Night
Hugs Doug

PS look at our treasure from the trip a cowboy boot ornament.


  1. LOVE the pictures. And Ranae is even prettier than Mariah! : )

    Looks like you had a great time. Love getting the husbands blogging! Fun!

    Your tree looks so pretty...have a super Tuesday and give your wife a hug from me!


  2. Oh, Doug. You are a blogging natural!

    And Miss RaNae, L-O-V-E the pics of you. Girl you look great and I love that cute little dimple in your cheek. You better keep your eye on that one Doug!

    The pics of the trees look great, but let me see if I read this correctly. What? Can't be.

  3. You guys are so cute! By the way, 55 degrees is shorts weather in NH!

  4. Fabulous pictures, RaNae and Doug! I loved seeing those longhorns. Cute pics of the two of you, too.

  5. Ahhhhh! How cute!
    You both are adorable!
    Love your picture Ranae!
    Wonderful post!

  6. Holy Smokes, a man that admits he read the instruction manual. You must be one of a kind (or a least one of a few) Doug. Just teasing with ya!
    Waving "hello" from Canada's version of Texas, Alberta. I haven't seen a lot of longhorn in our parts but we drove by a ranch north of town and they had a herd of Bison! That was quite a sight. Great pictures guys :)

  7. Glad you all enjoyed the post Doug is sleeping in but each of your posts made him smile yesterday and he is ready for more lol.

    And yes girls I can attest to the fact that he read the directions LOL.
    Have a good day.

  8. Great post Doug. Love the trip out, the photo's are great, and the tree's are SO cute. Can't wait for the next installment,
    Happy days, wendyx

  9. You make a great couple, Stockyard looks a great place and the trees look stunning!!! thanks for sharing

    Peg UK

  10. Enjoyed seeing the Stockyards. And those cows sure are pretty....for cows that is LOL. Ranae is way way waaaaaaaaay prettier! You`ve given me an idea now...maybe I can get my hubby to post sometime. Great job and so sweet that you, Doug, joined in :) Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!


  11. Hey Susie thanks for commenting Read your blog hope you get breathing better luv Doug n RaNae

    Yeah that's why I fell in love with her that one lil dimple on her cheek. thanks for the comments luv Doug n RaNae

    Chris it's all relative as to what weather your used to I have to admit I'm a wuss since moving down south but that's the way it is.
    Luv DnR

    Meg- I think the pictures of the cows backsides looked better than us but thanks for commenting.
    Luv DnR

    Yeah Kim we are adorable as a couple but I'm cuter. Luv DnR

    Shirlee unfortunately I'm in the buisness of where I have to read manuals to know how to repair the machines I work on so I'm kinda broke in on that but I hear ya but hardly anyone I work with does it so I know what you mean.
    Luv DnR

    Wendy hope we don't let you down the next installment is kinda lame the cold front and grey weather we've had kinda kept us inside.
    luv DnR

    Peg any time you want to come over and be a cowgirl let us know you got a place to stay.
    Luv DnR

    Tea ok I'm cutting new territory here for men get him off his butt so I don't feel so all alone.
    Luv DnR


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