Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Digi Cam

Early Christmas Gift

Well this past week we got a new digi cam and now that I am recovered from technical overload I thought I would share some of the first pics with you I also wanted to say we got a great deal on it at Best Buy it was $254.99 on sale for $179.99 and we used $140.oo worth of points on it sooo for $39.00 (not including the cost of card, extra battery and carrrying case) we have a $250 camera. Can you say Thrifty Can you say Kachinggggggg lol
Oh ps click on the pics to enlarge especially the one of Jorgie it makes it sooo clear... still working on proper sizing etc.... and if anyone knows how to post a video we have been taking min pin videos... I know we are silly doggie parents lol.
Have a great Sunday.

MMM MMM Good Mags lickin her chops after eating lol

Jorgie Sittin Pretty

Snuggle attack by Mags LOL

And this cool Christmas decor shot I took with our old cam.

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