Saturday, December 30, 2006

Todays MY Birthday

Today is my Birthday- YAY!!!

Today is my Birthday I am 42 years old- I feel old lol my body aches from the abuse I have harped upon it... oh well don't want to get into that today lol.

I had thought about scanning in a bunch of pictures of me and my Father who passed in 92- as a tribute to him and a way of sharing my Birthday with him - he was my everything- he protected me from my verbally and physically abusive mother- he was there for me every step of the way of growing up he was my Father and My loving Mother- I love and miss him terribly but thought that if I went through the pictures today it would be more than I could handle so I thought I would just share about my wonderful week and shopping/thrifting trip yesterday.

My week was great - I have spent alot of quality time on the couch with Doug (who went back to work on Thursday he's sleeping right now but I know he would say hi to yall) and the girls watching tv and knitting- the only finished knitting project I accomplished so far was a pink scarf as a present for a friend I spent the day with on Thursday. I forgot to take a picture of it but was very proud of it since I am a self taught, novice knitter and hadn't picked up needles in bout 3 years. I love knitting. I've never done more than a few scarves but I love how the yarn feels in my hands-it amazes me how we can maniputlae it into patterns weave it into garments- I love yarn all the different textures... smooth velvety chunky prickly I love yarn but then again I did crochet my first afghan at age 5- ohh what a site to see that was- verigated pink yarn and on each row i added a stitch the end result was a lopsided wonder LOL. Yesterday while at Wal Mart I picked up some green and blue yarn they had on clearance hopefully I can fashion some type of blanket out of it- it may end up being a doggie blanket lol but I am looking forward to trying it after I finish the scarf I'm currently working on. And each weekday I look forward to 10 am because they have placed the diy show Knitty Gritty on HGTV- I am learning alot.

Well like I said I went thrifting yesterday- I never find the furniture I am looking for ugh ... lol but I always seem to find something.

This was my haul except for the Texas Santa my girlfriend Charla made that and gave it to me isn't it adorable!! The mirror, cow, silver and peuter pieces all came from one store and was a total of 17$ they were having an 85%off sale- originally the mirror was 14$ and the cow/moon $25 so I think I did good. The dog and french planter came from another and was a total of 3 $ something.
The boxes along with kleenex boxes not shown was a total of 4$ and the vintage box of cards- 19 out of 21 was only 3$ for the whole box.
I also picked up a bunch of stuff at Walmart to make a care package for my Mother- envelopes and writing paper etc Hopefully she will like it.

Well off to drink some coffee and assign rightful places to my new treasure and pick up those knitting needles again.
Thank you all for reading and for your good thoughts.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! I just love all the things you found. Especially that little dog and the pretty silver.
    May you and your husband have the most wonderful New Year!


  2. Happy Birthday RaNae!! Huggs and Kisses to you! You are still young yet, enjoy it!
    Mary (BlossomCottage)

  3. Happy Birthday dear RaNae!!!
    I love that doggie...I am a sucker for doggie figurines like that. Great silver and pewter too..well, it all looks fun!

    I am so sorry about your Dad. I lost mine in 2001 and think about him all the time.
    Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man. Hey! He raised a pretty special daughter didn't he?

    Happy Birthday...hugs to you and your sweet husband.

    Warmest wishes,

  4. Also wanted to say I left a little BD poem for you on my blog...just for let you know we were thinking aboutcha!


  5. I'm just managing sneaking in birthday wishes to you before the day officially ends. Well, here anyways. Hope you had a great day. I turned 43 last month and my Mom sent me this quote by Picasso "youth has no age" Gotta love that, besides 42 is just a number right?
    You did great on your thrift purchases, those boxes are perfect for your home. I wish I could knit. I've often thought about getting one of those knitting for dummies kits.

    ps, yes we now have snow. It arrived two days after Christmas but it's melting almost as fast as it came down.

  6. I had remembered that your birthday was at the end of this month, but wasn't sure when. So, from one December baby to another, I hope you had a fabulous day!! Oh, and I'm going to sneak into your home and steal the boxes you found!! LOVE THEM!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I lost my Mom and Dad within months of each other so it's not easy to lose a parent. Even years later it's hard. Hope you had the best birthday ever.


  8. Happy Birthday RaNae!

    It's my birthday too!

    Hope yours was as nice as mine!



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