Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update on our Vacation

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Doug again, RaNae is on strike she says when she is on Vacation i gotta do all the typing LOL. I guess that means i gotta do all the laundry Too LOL??

So we went out to a celebrated German Town 57 miles from here on Tuesday in the rain guess what it was terrible!!!We will not identify it or the bad resturant we ate at we will just leave it at that. (or the bogus antique store)Well Wensday RaNae was a sweetie she let me catch up on my sleep since i work awkward hours there is usually one day i have to sleep big time. She was so nice to let me sleep while she worked on her Christmas House and kept everything quiet how can you not love someone like that?

So Today (thurs)we left to the Dickies outlet store to get me some pants for work. I have to wear uniforms and the company that supplies them could care less if the britches fits. I sent in 1/2 of my pants and they came back the same length and waist and wore out so we decided we would just go buy pants that fit and stop fighting the system. Well luck would have it they only had one pair RaNae could hem to fit me out of a billion. She got lucky....
After we left we went to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza and possibly a Shiner Bock or two.
We left the Mushroom and went down town to the Flying Saucer so we could go on the balcony and take pictures of downtown Fort Worth Sundance Square and i had to take one for the team I was forced to buy a beer so we could go up i hated to do it but it was for the cause.

When we were on the baclony we spied Shackolad chocolate and had to score some and it was yummy.
After we left we came home and i made some cabbage rolls it is usually on a day off or vacation i make them because of all the tasks required. They sure were good we chowed down on them and afterwards i was sitting in the office with RaNae and the dogs and we fell asleep Imagine That!!

I appreciate all the wonderful comments yall made after my first blog and thank you for being so nice to me.
See ya next time Doug


  1. Oh gee Doug! You are a born natural at this blooging stuff! : )
    Now, let's see, you read directions, take good pictures, make great looking cabbage rolls,
    love dogs, treat your wife so are practically perfect!! Love the pictures AND that chocolate but I reallt LOVE those cabbage rolls! Yum!
    Now, go back to sleep, you earned it!
    Hugs to RaNae!!

  2. You cook too! You are a gem. My hubby does cook on weekends so it's nice. Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Love all the photos! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Doug! Gotta love a man who cooks!!
    Thanks to RaNae for visiting my blog.

    We have Dickies in the UK too - My hub did some work in their IT dept. once! Glad you found pants to fit!!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Great job, Doug! Merry Christmas to you, RaNae and the pooches! I miss Shiner Bock, I became a fan on a trip to Austin many moons ago . . . drool . . .

  6. Hi Doug, RaNae & co - Merry Chritmas.

  7. Hi Doug & Ranae! All the great chefs in the world are men! My husband is cooking Christmas dinner this year - could be the start of a new trend - what do you reckon girls, shall we chill out with a glass of something cold while they slave away over a hot stove?!

  8. Gee Doug, I think you could seriously run some sort of camp for husbands. I'll be the first to sign mine up, especially the cooking class. :)
    Merry Christmas to you both and the furkids.

  9. Well thanks for all the nice comments. Hope Santa brings everything you want this year. It is nice to meet RaNaes friends.
    See ya, Doug

  10. Hey! Looks like you've been busy! Thanks for sharing all of your trip pics with us. Christy

  11. RaNae and Doug - I'm playing catch up on your blog!! :) I love all of your new pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

  12. Lovely to see cabbage rolls pop up in that post. I adore eating those things. Have you shared your recipe with us yet?

    1. Hi no I haven't but I told my husband he needs to make some more because we had a request for the recipe so keep an eye out for a post about it in the next couple months he is pretty busy this time of year and our temps are running in the high 90's to 100+ so it probably won't be till fall.
      thanks for stopping by


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