Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wendy Asked to Share Ornies

Christmas Ornaments.... ahhh memories
Wendy of A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Person Blog asked her readers/friends to share their ornies so here goes...
First I'd like to say I am missing a Christmas Box since our move last year- I had vintage elfs and a memorial ornament for my Father and some others ...... wahhh
I redid my tree yesterday because of a light malfunction. Here is the new version I flattened the branches and used bagged plastic snow instead of the quilt stuffing I like it much better.

I have a small collection of snow people and these love doves well My Mom gave them to me says they look like me and Doug... awww.

This elephant is my new favorite I got him half off at Bombay when I was with my girlfriend- having never been in a Bombay before I have to say I fell in love with some of their ornies.

Here starts my handmade favorites on my small tree by the fp. I cross stitched these back in the late 80's

This was one of two that a dear lil ole lady customer made for us workers at the Kennel that used to keep her dogs back in 1990 love it because she made it it has potpuri inside.

Looking forward to you sharing your ornies.


  1. I loved seeing your special ornaments! They are priceless!
    Everything is looking beautiful too!

  2. I love your ornaments, and your trees. Thankyou for sharing, it is fun to see all the treasures. Your doggy pics are cute too. Thanks for your mention, my WWW friend.

  3. Your ornaments are lovely. The little elphant is really cute!

    Seeing your cross-stitch ornaments started me thinking...wonder where the box is with the ones I stitched way back when.

  4. I love seeing everyone's special ornaments! The tree is so beautiful!

    We have some from most every trip and from each year we have been married. Get the kids a specia one each year to commemorate something too.
    Even the pets have theirs! Of course!!
    They surely make us happy to unwrap each one and remember don't they??

    I agree that we will be good blog friends!

    Will add your link on my blog if that is okay!
    Have a wonderful week!


  5. Hey Kim ty for stopping by.

    Wendy My pleasure glad you enjoyed them

    HI Andi thanks for stopping by I really like your Nutcrackers that are cross stitched. I hope you find your stitched ornies. We travel to Alabama also btw.

    Hey there SusieQ sure thing add the link away looking forward to stopping by this morning.

  6. Your tee is lovely. I also love that elephant. Very unique.

  7. I love your ornaments and the frosting on your tree!
    We still don't have our tree up yet! We always wait until the girls have broken up from school, before going out and buying one! That will be tomorrow!

  8. Hi Coleen welcome to my blog feel free to stop by anytime.

    Hi Nikki can't wait to see your tree and btw you don't look old enough to have a dd in university.



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