Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tag I'M it

My Great Blogging Friend Wendy Has tagged me to share 6 Weird things about myself - I am psyched I have been wanting to be tagged LOL

  1. I like to put dressers inside of closets - it buggs Doug to death lol but I think it makes the closet more efficient especially if you can't afford a california closet system or a diy system from your local home improvement store. It also frees up footprint space in your room.

  2. I love to play spider solitare I have mastered 2 suits in as little as 126 moves

  3. Religiously whenever I turn on the computer and connect to the web before I do anything else I have to go to People Magazine on line and check out the latest gossip on the celebrities- I think it's genetic my Mom always loved the celbrity rags and so do my Brother and SIL I even purchase In Touch Weekly each week- but they do showcase a decor segment either a stars home or a famous resturaunt or outdoor living each week- that's my justification on that LOL

  4. I have a hammer toe on each foot. My pinky toe folds over to the next- makes buying shoes difficult but not impossible. My grandma and aunt had the same thing. IT's kinda funny when ever a child sees it they will bend down and smash my toe back over to the suppose to be position... too cute.

  5. We have a treadmill and bike right in our living room better health deffinitly wins out over home decor this time lol
  6. Our dogs sleep under the covers with us and it's in their genetic code they were originally bred in Germany from Terrier lines (they are not related to Dobermans at all) to be mousers for the German Housewives back when they used to have dirt floors. The Min Pin was always at the Housewives side or watching for intruders. They would sleep under the covers to protect the family members from roving rodents. They also were rat catchers in the stables.

So that is my 6 and now I have to tag 6 of my friend to do this so here goes

also check out their great blogs.







***Here are the rules: Each player of this game starts with "6 weird things about you". Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly state this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.**


ZZZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZ zzzz
Hello everyone I've been in hibernation of a forced sort- first it was getting sick right after the holiday and my birthday and it was a doozy of a bronchitis that zapped me then the clouds rolled in and the storms hit.. We haven't seen the sun in so long we wonder if it is still out there ??? tell me is it? And the cold and rain and or snow or ice just won't stop... I know an awful way to start out a blog griping but both Doug and I are miserable lots lately- thus the hibernation - in layers of clothes and under warm blankets with lots of warm drinks and our 4 legged heaters we have survived and have heard a rumor it is to be 50 and sunny tomorrow once the rain ends in the morning and we can hardly wait. We plan on walking the dogs all around the neighbor hood as they have cabin fever also

**on a positive note our area was under a drought and all the snow and ice and rain has been very beneficial.

So here are some pics of some things I've been doing while curled up in blankets on the couch I knitted 3 scarves one pink one isn't pictured it was a gift for a friend. I have been pouring over my favorite book ever- it is packed with fabulous ideas and I think written specifically for me the best thing I got it at the half priced book store this past summer. In it are lots of embellishment ideas so I broke out my leftover beads from past lamp projects and embellished 2 votive holders and 3 glass jars- when my tea lights are light inside the beads sparkle and cast wonderful dancing shadows on the walls. All I did to make those was to clean the glass with rubbing alcahol 70% and then glue on with Aileens super tacky white craft glue. I allowed them to dry for 6-8 hours before lighting the candles that night.

I have decided to knit a blanket for the living room. It is my own design. I am applying the principle of strip quilting. I am making long strips of alternating colors of the blue and green pictured to form blocks. Each strip will alternate in the oposite and when I connect the strips I am hoping for a patchwork effect which I will then border with the green. It isK2rows P2rows size 10 needles very simple since I am a novice and I am using red heart plush yarn - super soft. I had to get out my pamphlet to get me started again since I hadn't knitted in like 6 years- and this isn't the pamphlet I was looking for but it has served me well. I finish my first strip today - yay.

Last time we were grocery shopping at Wal Mart I found these great corn husk baskets large enoug to hold 14 large skeins of yarn for only get this- 3$ each I picked up 2 and I found the perfect rosy shade of lip gloss it is Rimmel Vinyl Stars in HOT ROCK... just love it when it's on my lips it brings a rosy glow to my cheeks and light to my eyes this is a must have girls.

Well I hope that yall have a great weekend.
Hugs RaNae

Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello Friday

TGIF lol
Hello everyone just a quick note to let you know I went to the dr on Wed- she said I was 2 days away from Walking pnemonia. I'm on 3 drugs including steroids and go from over active to knocked out lol.
Hope you all have wonderful weekends
I've been thinking about you and hope to catch up soon.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Susie Q u Sweetie U

Thank You SUSIEQ you are the sweetest most talented gal I am so glad we got to be friends
Look what she did yall tooo cute.

Goals For 2007

What do you hope to progress forward with in 2007

Here is what I would like to move forward with

Decorating goals in no specific order

  1. Paint guest bath a light cream that matches my shower curtain- still builders white
  2. Paint the master bedroom and bathroom a medium deep dusty purple
  3. Dinning room- re work window treatment, make chair cushions, table cloth with placemats and napkins, paint the table and chairs and add more storage units
  4. Kitchen- decide between an island with stools or more cabinitry and a long narrow farm table and then make it happen

Life goals

  1. be more conscious of my communication with my Mom
  2. continue working towards better health
  3. really try and search out Gods purpose for my life I really want to get closer to what HE wants me to do whatever that is
  4. Read More
  5. Craft More

Bronchitis was my gift LOL

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes I felt so special as I read each one today.

My day was great nothing spectacular happened except for the most awesome card from my husband I cry every time I read it ... awww and oh yeah I came down with allergy related bronchitis ;=/ yuk yuk yuk that is why I haven't been on the webb just been sitting in the recliner and knitting. Well I did manage to take down all my Christmas Decor {except for my kitchen items} over a 2 day period starting on my birthday... soo sad it goes up so slowly and comes down so quickly. I do have to say I did manage to not expand my christmas storage limit ... even though I did buy a few more things this year and made a bunch of ornies... must be a gift from the organizing Gods lol... Another thing I want to say was this season I put up my decor the day after thanksgiving and it really helped me to have a better mental attitude all season long- this will be a must do for me from now on.
Hope you all have a great day today I'll be back in a couple.
Oh yeah we watched The Davinci Code last night if you haven't seen it yet ya gotta rent it very good.