Saturday, January 20, 2007


ZZZZZ zzzzz ZZZZZ zzzz
Hello everyone I've been in hibernation of a forced sort- first it was getting sick right after the holiday and my birthday and it was a doozy of a bronchitis that zapped me then the clouds rolled in and the storms hit.. We haven't seen the sun in so long we wonder if it is still out there ??? tell me is it? And the cold and rain and or snow or ice just won't stop... I know an awful way to start out a blog griping but both Doug and I are miserable lots lately- thus the hibernation - in layers of clothes and under warm blankets with lots of warm drinks and our 4 legged heaters we have survived and have heard a rumor it is to be 50 and sunny tomorrow once the rain ends in the morning and we can hardly wait. We plan on walking the dogs all around the neighbor hood as they have cabin fever also

**on a positive note our area was under a drought and all the snow and ice and rain has been very beneficial.

So here are some pics of some things I've been doing while curled up in blankets on the couch I knitted 3 scarves one pink one isn't pictured it was a gift for a friend. I have been pouring over my favorite book ever- it is packed with fabulous ideas and I think written specifically for me the best thing I got it at the half priced book store this past summer. In it are lots of embellishment ideas so I broke out my leftover beads from past lamp projects and embellished 2 votive holders and 3 glass jars- when my tea lights are light inside the beads sparkle and cast wonderful dancing shadows on the walls. All I did to make those was to clean the glass with rubbing alcahol 70% and then glue on with Aileens super tacky white craft glue. I allowed them to dry for 6-8 hours before lighting the candles that night.

I have decided to knit a blanket for the living room. It is my own design. I am applying the principle of strip quilting. I am making long strips of alternating colors of the blue and green pictured to form blocks. Each strip will alternate in the oposite and when I connect the strips I am hoping for a patchwork effect which I will then border with the green. It isK2rows P2rows size 10 needles very simple since I am a novice and I am using red heart plush yarn - super soft. I had to get out my pamphlet to get me started again since I hadn't knitted in like 6 years- and this isn't the pamphlet I was looking for but it has served me well. I finish my first strip today - yay.

Last time we were grocery shopping at Wal Mart I found these great corn husk baskets large enoug to hold 14 large skeins of yarn for only get this- 3$ each I picked up 2 and I found the perfect rosy shade of lip gloss it is Rimmel Vinyl Stars in HOT ROCK... just love it when it's on my lips it brings a rosy glow to my cheeks and light to my eyes this is a must have girls.

Well I hope that yall have a great weekend.
Hugs RaNae


  1. RaNae, so glad you are better. My, oh my, have you been busy! Love what you did with the votive holders--very pretty. I admire your knitting. I've always wanted to learn but it just looks too hard. Hope you got your 50 degree weather. Stay warm!

  2. Thanks Rosemary- if I can knit anyone can!!

  3. RaNae - you have been a busy girl! No wonder you haven't been blogging :) I love the things you have made! The votive candle holders are awesome! And the scarfs and blanket look so cuddly! Great job on everything!

  4. I love the votives! You may have just inspired me to hit the craft store today hmm . . .

    Also, I had that Learn to Knit book way back when I started knitting 3 YEARS AGO. :) Good luck with your blanket, I have started one 5 times and never went through with the commitment. Maybe tonight I'll pick it up AGAIN.

  5. Thanks for the compliments girls it has been fun. I look at each jar we empty differently now LOL.

  6. I have that same knitting pamphlet!

    I've made the toddler sweater/hat set about 4 times as very easy and cute!


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