Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Goals For 2007

What do you hope to progress forward with in 2007

Here is what I would like to move forward with

Decorating goals in no specific order

  1. Paint guest bath a light cream that matches my shower curtain- still builders white
  2. Paint the master bedroom and bathroom a medium deep dusty purple
  3. Dinning room- re work window treatment, make chair cushions, table cloth with placemats and napkins, paint the table and chairs and add more storage units
  4. Kitchen- decide between an island with stools or more cabinitry and a long narrow farm table and then make it happen

Life goals

  1. be more conscious of my communication with my Mom
  2. continue working towards better health
  3. really try and search out Gods purpose for my life I really want to get closer to what HE wants me to do whatever that is
  4. Read More
  5. Craft More


  1. I'm hoping to read the New Testament cover to cover - something that I have never done before. I read the Old Testament last year. It was an amazing thing for me to do. So, I am looking forward to that this year. I'm hoping to get organized and decorated :) It's hard to really do that when you are renting. I can't do anything permanent...

  2. Good luck with your goals RaNae.
    And Happy New Year to you both.

    PS: Sorry I missed your Birthday post....hope you had a lovely day.

  3. Hi RaNae, over on thathomesite, someone posted a pic of RH Hyacinth...I never saw it before, but it's a really nice purple!

    Good luck on your 2007 goals!


  4. Mel I sent you an email about the nt

    Thanks Niki the day was great. NP bout missing it- all my life my bday has been at the busiest time of year LOL so I don't hold any ill feelings about my bday wishes and misses lol

    Thank You Lauren if you don't mind I have lost you from my memory and need a refresher on how I know you your sentiments have been lovely and I'd like to place you lOL gettin old and crs has set in obviously lol

  5. Best of luck completing your 2007 goals. They all sound realistic to me and you always have great projects so I know they'll get done.
    Happy New Year. :)


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