Friday, September 18, 2009

I'd Like to Introduce the Newest Member of My Flock

Everyone I'd Like you to meet
Gaston Henri Agneau the Ewe

He is a Curly coat corn lovin sheep of the resin breed and he is excited to be in his new home here  at
Ewe Creek Cottage

where he was saved from a dismal life on a clearance rack at the hardware store lol
He has many new friends to call his own 
There is Daisy, Snoop and Sugar

There is also

and Humphrey

Then there are the Relatives from England
Aldrid, Alfie and Elwood in the back row
Marabel & Manford
Litton, Eppie and her baby Emilee
and finally Tuk

There is also his French Cousin
 with her babies
Lucienne and Lysette

Well I hope you have enjoyed meeting
the menagerie here at
Ewe Creek Cottage
Have a great weekend and visit again real soon!


  1. What a wonderful collection, Ranae! I love all of them. I'm so glad that you rescued Gaston from the hardware store~I'm sure he will be much happier at your house! And I love the little ear of corn that he is holding:) Looks like a pretty piece of stained glass in your window, too.

  2. Thanks RoseMary that isn't stained glass it's gallery glass a removeable paint system by plaid you can get it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

  3. Thank you for the tip on the maid by plaid, Ranae. I have several old windows that will fit inside of mine that I'd like to try something like that on!

  4. Oh my mercy...I've met a Kindred Spirit in you...I love to name my collections and your Ewe collection is so cute!

    I found you over at Rose Mary's blog and so glad that I did! I'll be back and you are more than welcome to visit with me!

  5. I loved meeting all your sheep, and I think Princess (on the sidebar) is sooooooooo beautiful!!!! I also loved all the butterfly photos in some of your previous posts. We have a couple of butterfly bushes, too, and I just love them (one looks just like yours!)... Donna

  6. Such a cute sheep collection but I'm interested in the name of the china pattern. My grandma had that china and for the life of me I can't remember it. And I think I actually have the dishes somewhere or maybe my sister does.

  7. What beautiful treasures! I love all of the sweet sheep!

  8. Did you know that the sheep you have has a male name?
    To my recollection The French do not mix names they remain gender specific.
    So my question is why the inacurate post?
    Jenny Reed

  9. Thanks for bringing that to my attention
    Happy Holidays
    Ewe Creek Cottage


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