Saturday, September 26, 2009

Open Heart Surgery, Fabulous Finds & Makeover Teaser

Well Open Heart Surgery is in my 47 year Old husbands near future
God is Good He is our Strength and our Healer
Will know more on Tuesday
Please lift us up and all the Dr's Nurses and Technicians involved in our case.
This apparently is an undiagnosed birth defect or an injury to an artery that healed but has calcified and blocked 100%
It's been a shock This all began to be diagnosed Thursday but for months I have been praying for God to Heal my husband his body mind and spirit so I want to publically witness and thank Him for answering prayers and putting us in line with great dr's who are extremly intelligent and kind and you can tell many of them love and know our savior personally.
now for a post I made on Wed
I'll keep ya updated.
Thank you in advance
We believe in the Power of Prayer and Positive Thoughts.

Well this all started because I wanted to be a part of Tabletop Thursdays so I put this setting together and sat with it a few days 

Then I thought hey I have all this fabric in my stash so I pulled it out
I love the way it is all so french country and warm and cozy and going so perfectly with what I already have in my dinning room sooooo.
I am currently working on redoing my drapes and accessories for the tabletop....
stay tuned.


  1. Beautiful tablescape...your whole room is very pretty. Best wishes for hubby's surgery and a speedy recovery!!!

  2. It's a blessing they found this defect. My BIL had a defect that they did not figure out until he was very ill. Luckily he ended up in a Boston hospital where they figured it out and fixed it but his recovery was much more difficult because it went undiagnosed. All will be well with your DH.

  3. Yes, the power of prayer and positive thinking will carry you through! Good luck and best wishes for a full and EASY recovery. Its so good that you figured out what was wrong and that it can be fixed.

  4. God is always so good! I'll be keeping your husband in my prayers~and you, too.

    Beautiful tablescape~I love those colors!

  5. I hope things went well today, Ranae~you and Doug are in my thougts and prayers.

  6. Thinking of you and hubby. Love the tablescape!


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