Thursday, October 1, 2009

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup = Chicken Pot Pie

So in getting ready for the next couple of busy months I decided to make a big batch
 of Chicken noodle soup and freeze some but when I do this I leave out the noodles
 and I just make them at the time we are gonna eat it I'll make the noodles on the side
and add the soup.

My chicken noodle soup this time was a big stock pot filled with water, several sliced
carrots, 2 sliced celery stalks, dash of white pepper, large tsp poultry seasoning and
3 split skinnless chicken breasts with ribs and a couple squirt liquid aminos.  Bring
 to a rapid boil , cover reduce heat to a nice heavy rolling simmer and cook till the
breasts are cooked about 40-60 minutes- remove the breasts from the stock take
the meat off the bones shred it and put back into the simmering stock for 15 more

So here we are today - all but one container was put into the freezer the other 
 and although it was 90 with severe thunderstorms here in Texas today- being the
 yank at heart that I am my internal clock still says it's fall and time for comfort
 food, nurturing warm your bones meals.... it's time for Chicken pot pie.

I placed my chicken soup into a deep frying pan and turned it on
medium heat

I chopped up a package of mushrooms to brown in a
combination of butter and EVOO

set the oven to 425 and placed a rack in the lowest position


I cut up 4 medium red potatoes and cooked them in the microwave
 and added them to the chicken soup

after sweating the mushrooms and the small sweet onion I cut up
I sprinkled them with almost a 1/4 cup of flour and stirred to mix
and cooked that for 3-5 minutes stirring pretty regularly
at this point you start adding the broth from your heated chicken soup
a lil at a time to your flour coated shrooms n onions
- stirring constantly to form your gravy..  I gott a lil vaklempt at this point
 and forgot to take the pics because all the sudden my shroom pan
 was pretty full and I had to transfer that to my big frying pan with the chicken
 soup but it all worked out and turned into a nice chicken
 vegetable gravy mix perfect for a pie crust

buy a box of double crusts and let come to just room temp
place one in bottome of ungreased pie plate
fill with your gravy mixture and of course place your pie
pan on a baking sheet
 top with other crust- slit the top 3 to 4 times and place on
bottom rack

cook for 15 -20 minutes then cover edges with foil and
cook for another 20 minutes and


  1. Yum, Ranae~the soup and pot pie look great! I love to make soups this time of year~and thank you for the idea of just saving the noodles to make until later. I usually freeze mine with the soup, and sometimes their sort of 'mushy', LOL!

    Hope things are going well at home. You and Doug have been in my prayers and I know that God is seeing you both through all of this!

  2. RaNae, Your soup sounds like mine, I don't put noodles in till I'm serving it either.
    But that pot pie looks scrumptious! Mary

  3. Perfect Time of The Year for Soup!! Yours looks delecious... I just made Beef Veggie Soup last week...
    Your Pot Pie looks wonderful. I've been thinking of making on myself.. Yummy !!

  4. Hi Ranae, I remember you from the old Cottage Living Forum. It is good to find you in "Blog-Land"
    Mmmm, that is real "stick-to-your-ribs" kind of food. I love fall, there are just so many YUMMY recipes that just taste better this time of year. We use a lot of EVOO around here as my hubby is a heart patient. I love the way it makes food taste.
    Hugs from WV,

  5. A big prayer is being said today. Thoughts being sent your way and a big hug to you. RJ

  6. I love to have chicken before having the dinner. I am Very happy to see a nice recipe of chicken soup here in this site. The chicken soup is looking delicious in the picture.

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