Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like a Newborn

Hi Everyone just popping in for an update
We brought him home on Saturday last and things are progressing forward slowly.  He is being a great house patient but the whole situation is like having a newborn in the house- he is rightly first in everything and the new mom me lol eats when she can, grabs a shower when there is time, and naps when he naps/sleeps and part of the house gets picked up when I can and lol laundry strangely is multiplied and never ending in hyperdrive it seems LOL.  Each day is a lil better but no established routine yet and the blog surfing is non existant at this point lol.  I sure hope he grows up quick hehe.
Please keep him in your prayers he is having normal issues related to the types of medications he is on and although they are only bothersome at this point the issues decreases his comfort levels and are becomming irritating.
Thank you for your support and Look forward to getting back to visiting yall and posting decor and cooking bits.


  1. Progress... you guys are making progress. Hopefully, each day will find your hubby feeling stronger and things will be back to normal soon!

  2. So good to hear everything is going so well, Ranae. Be sure and take good care of yourself as well as the infant, LOL! I'm keeping both of you in my prayers.

  3. So glad to hear that everything went well! Believe me, before you know it, things will be more normal. Make sure your husband is taking walks every day--they go a long way in gaining back his stamina.

    And tell me about the meds! Long story short, but my husband was taking a med that probably wasn't needed and it landed him up back in the hospital this week.

    But going into seven weeks after surgery, he's going into work for a few hours just about every day.

    At some point, you'll look back on these first few weeks and be amazed by how well your husband is doing after such a serious operation!

  4. Glad to know that all is going well. Take good care of yourself.

  5. Glad that he is home and doing well. Sounds like he has an excellent nurse. Take care of yourself as well.
    Hugs from WV,

  6. I hope all is well these months later. Before I get too busy with wrapping gifts and then our new bundle I wanted to say "Merci" for following Parisienne Farmgirl this past year. I hope to "see" you around next year!!!!
    I hope you continue to share your adventures and thoughts thru the art of blogging and that you find 2010 a wonderful year.
    Thank you again et Joyeux Noel!


  7. Hey girlfriend, hope all is well there. Drop us all a blog post one of these days.

  8. Good morning, RaNae,
    I was just stopping by to say hello and thought I would leave you a little note. I am praying that all is continuing to go well for Doug as he recovers from his surgery. I did not know if you knew that my hubby is also a heart patient. He had his quint by-pass back in 2000 and then had to have stents and ended up having a total of 4 heart attacks from May 2000 until Feb 2001. It was quite an ordeal! He is much better now, though his doctors did finally place him on full medical disability. He has really had to adjust to being home all the time, but he keeps busy with woodworking and taking care of our grocery buying, cooking and helping with our son's homeschooling. Anyway, I know that recovery takes time and that they are usually in some kind of physical rehab for a while. Just wondered how things were going. We have you and he in our prayers.
    Hugs from WV,
    Charlotte Spears

  9. Hey RaNae-How you doing. Hope you are ok because it's been a while since we heard from you. Just thinking of you.

  10. Hey RaNae! I got your comment but couldn't reply by e-mail because you are marked as a no reply commenter. Anyways, so good to hear from you. Would love to hear from you. Chris


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