Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Beauty

is a great place of beauty there is a butterfly house that is simply enchanting.
These are pictures my husband took while we were there last fall.
Hope you enjoy

Thats me rocking the Crocs

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gotta Get It Gadget

Morning yall this is a
I bought it at Wal Mart which I hardly go to anymore but I was there and saw this and we love making homemade pizza but who wants to turn their oven onto 450 when it's 90-110 outside not us LOL  so I spent the 24$ and picked it up but did see it on sale for $19.00 this last week.
I will post about Pizza making with it in a separate post somewhere down the line- let me say the first time I did  Pizza it was fantastic and of course I snapped no pictures the second time I changed my dough- and it well wasn't blog worthy to say the least lol it was barely edible yikes!!  Also we haven't done a frozen store bought pizza in it yet.
Follow the directions in the pamphlet to season the pizza maker  before your first use and well I bought tostinos $1 pizzas to throw away during the seasoning process
I did do a Frittata/Omlet on a whim cause the box says u can lol
and oh my GOSH it turned out Fantastic and took like a minute to cook seriously. 

 I had left over chicken sausage, mushrooms & olives from dinner the night before
 I whisked up 6 eggs added the left over goodies poured it into my new Pizza maker do it all machine, added sliced tomatoes to the top 

added cheese to the top

closed the lid and in less than 3 minutes I had this a perfect frittata

in my book this is a definite gotta get it gadget I see endless possibilities for it in my cooking future.
Any questions I will be happy to answer if I can.  
Hugs RaNae

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Restaurant Food Friday At Home

Vietnamese Bun Salad with Chicken

Since moving to the DFW  area 6 years ago we have tried many different ethnic food restaurants and found that we really love Vietnamese Food but our favorite is far away and with gas prices the way they are well to be frugal  I have learned  to cook some of our favorite meals myself here at home.
Today it is Vietnamese Bun Salad- my version with Chicken
I made 2 servings
U will need 2 cooked Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
Teriakki (sp??) Marinade
I buy 2-3 family packs of boneless skinless chicken thighs at a time marinate them in terriakki and bake them off in the oven after they have cooled I  then freeze them in lunch bags and into a big freezer bag  in freezer to pull out and use throughout the month in different recipes
  • 2 cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs sliced
  • 1/4 cup Korean BBQ Sauce
warm your previously cooked chicken through in a nonstick pan with the korean bbq sauce

FINE (size/diameter of noodle itself) Rice Vermicelli noodles  -1 package

cooked/ boiled like spaghetti drained and then placed in a bowl of ice water this keeps them from drying out until your ready to add to salad bowl

**THE FOLLOWING gets placed into your salad bowl 
  • cucumber - 1/2 Peeled and seeded and sliced into thin  strips divided between 2 servings
  • fresh bean sprouts- rinsed and dried off 1 cup per serving
  • Lettuce- I like Romaine cut into thin slices about 1  cup per serving
  • Carrots- 1 peeled and sliced into thin strips divided between 2 servings
  • each serving gets a sliced radish
**The peanuts scallions and basil are last to go on the salad like garnishing
  • chopped peanuts- 1/2 cup divided between servings
  • Green Scallions - 1 chopped divided between servings
  • Fresh Basil

drain off the amount of noodles from the cold water bath that u want to use in each salad I like a tad more than a cup my husband is a bike rider he is 2+ cups of noodles add these to the bowls on top of your vegetables add the chicken on top of the noodles and garnish with the peanuts basil and scallion
Pour over your Nuoc Cham (see below)
and enjoy

Nuoc Cham below

  • Nuoc Cham / prepared fish sauce I buy ours already prepared at vietnamese grocery if u can't find it-  here is an easy recipe ( nuoc cham recipe ) 1/2 cup per salad serving
  • garlic chili paste1/4  to  1/2 tsp mixed into your 1/2 cup nuoc cham to kick up the heat

  • Well I hope you will give this a try if not at home then venture out to a vietnamese restaurant or a noodle restaurant or a pho noodle restaurant and give it a try if its on their menu .
    xoxo RaNae

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    Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Thoughts on Thursday TiVo is the Greatest Thing

    Tivo is the greatest thing 
    In mid February after spending alot of time in the Word and in Prayer I was blessed with a spark of hope to keep moving forward, keep trying, continue heading towards living a better life... better in the way I treat myself better in the way I treat others better in the way I treat this Holy Ghost Building so I talked to my husband and we made a plan for me to go back to the pool at the gym and I made a commitment to remain open and moving forward - on the right track, to keep trying, to keep taking steps to improve. 
    So how does Tivo fit into all this well I taped  Joel Osteen one day - I have heard him maybe once or twice before but this session was in capitol letters CONFIRMATION for the path the Holy Ghost was leading me upon not only confirmation but because I have it on tivo it is an encouragement every time and any time  I feel the walls building back up that I have to push through.  I know ultimately God is my grace and encourager and my director but I think he uses Tivo to have it on video that ahh yes you are on the right path.... well it is a blessing.
    so now here is the even bigger 
    Joy and the Blessing
    because of this and theses choices and the hard work My good cholesterol rose by 18 points to normal goal thus reducing my risk of stroke by 40% My bad cholesterol dropped by 10 points to normal goal.  My blood pressure has improved and my Dr. found out my thyroid went sour again and my medicine needs to be adjusted.
    So because I have been doing what I can, responding to the convictions placed upon my heart God has given me the strength to rise above dig in and be disciplined I have been doing what I can in the natural and I believe whole heartedly that God will take care of the supernatural... because He loves me because He is my Father.
    I am so in love with Him
    He is my Joy and my Blessing and I just wanted to share that with you.
    Him and Tivo lol  *-) *-)

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    Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    A Lil Bit o Turquoise A Paint Tutorial

    Well I fell in love with turquoise when I was born it is consider by some accounts Capricorns Birthstone but when I started seeing it all over the place last fall in fashion and decor and pinterest my love affair was reignited.
    Well I am all about the re-do re-new re-use re-paint gig when it comes to my home. Have been for years because  I have things I adore and am attached to but like to update somewhat from time to time.

    So some cherubs got updated with a bit of paint and I thought someone out there might like to apply this to their project.
    My cherubs looked like the one below cream and antiqued.  The foo dogs at the end of the post were grey with black bases from Home Goods and got base coated with Kilz

    I painted the cherubs with a dark turquoise craft paint

    after they dried I applied antiquing medium and wiped off with a cloth rag

    Then I dry brushed a very light aqua on the high points to give the antiquing depth and the cherubs more dimension

    I forgot to take a picture of this step but I dry  brushed white over the aqua marine creating the look on the right 

    Then to bling them out- a girl can never have to much bling lol I dry brushed this metalic  emerald green on next creating the finished look on the left

    The same technique was done to these foo dogs 

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    pleated poppy

    What I Wore Wednesday is.......
     well what got me surfing the blogs again after
    big ole slump the last 3 years-
    But like I said surfing all these great ladies fashion blogs has
     brightened my day 
     taught me to be courageous
     encouraged me to be me & not be ashamed of me
     and the biggest blessing is
    I have  made new friends
     and I would like to say a big
    to each and everyone who has shared at a WIWW or hosted one of these WIWW  linky parties Ya'll have no idea how just sharing can help someone else
    So now here is my first WIWW post
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    This was bumming around the house last November

    leggins Woman Within  Charcoal Grey long sleeve T shirt
    JCP Big Mens shop 2 years ago  Slippers Wal Mart
    Floral shirt years ago from Catherines


    Tank Top from Catherines 2 years ago
    Skort from Woman Within
    Flip Flops Crocs

    Necklace and Earings Wal Mart 2 years ago

    Bracelet came from Cavenders Boot City this past weekend

    2 rope rings Sundance Catalog 10 years ago
    Hear Ring gifted by my hubby from James Avery 
    Blue Topaz ring from Fred Meyer Jewlery part of the Katy Ireland collection

    Pink Blue and Tan leather bead bracelet bought at the Spot in Gulf Shores AL
    other two leather cuffs I hand carved and made well DH made the blue one on the bottom and I did the brown one on top