Thursday, April 19, 2012

10-10 = 1-6 +10

So I have been reading this blog by Miss Mandy
and this post 10-10 challenge has 
inspired me to turn off this
 startin Monday 4-23-2012 when staycation is over from 1-6pm  every day for a month 
and see how my life changes.  I spend way to much time in front of it.  Now the caviot is I have a tone of music on it between channels and shows and will turn it on for the music but no sitting and watching shows and tivo and the other is on Dougs days off I don't have control so there it goes we will see I hope to blog and craft and clean more LOL.


So I have also been following this blog
C.Lee its a great
 peek into a great lil family and this post
had me in tears the other day I just wanted to share it with everyone u know pass the blessing along
Done in Love
I really appreciated her counting to 10 - a simple loving task that I was never afforded growing up.
God Bless Christy!!! and her Family
Those of you who have known me for a long time know about my thing for Sheep especially lambs well if you want a serious dose of cuteness visit
Punkin's Patch
and be sure and back scroll through the older posts
be prepared to say things like aww,, ohhhh, aww sooo cute!!!
Happy Thursday Everyone


  1. We have not had a TV since 2001. I tell my students I would rather live my life than watch other people living. There is so much to do if you don't sit down and zone out. Good luck!

  2. LOOK WHO VISITED MY BLOG!!!!! RaNae! So good to see you! Hope all has been well with you for the past years since the old Sampler Forum where we met.

    Come back again!!

    XO Diane

  3. Big waves to you, RaNae!! So glad to see you blogging. We don't watch much TV during the day--but then, I don't have cable/satellite and since the big HD TV transition, I only get 2 channels, LOL! Thanks for the recommend on the blogs-I'm off to check them out! Hope you are having a great start to your week:)!


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