Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From 3 Years to Staycation

Hello Friends from 3 Years to Staycation
Left to Right 3 years ago Doug had his Open Heart Surgery
Over the next 2 years my Mother and my Brother Passed away :-(
Through all this over the 3 year period I gained 60 lbs  :-(
And although the 3 years has been emotionally and physically difficult for both Doug and I u can see that Doug physically now is doing very well

Which brings us to staycation  this week
there has been relaxing in the back yard garden now 4 years old with nature and the girls Maggie and Georgie

There has been visiting with friends
beautiful weather
great food
great window shopping and dreaming

Actual Shopping full of thrifty buys at Ikea
especially signing up for their Family Card which = DISCOUNTS
and a funky beach seafood shack with views of the train and firehouse- good thing was every time a siren rang or the train came in you could get a $1 beers LOL

There was the largest pair of Cherub Lamps you'll ever see
The shopping stash for the day a bag, stool+cushion glasses shower scrunchies a dutch oven picture frames rusty stars and a marble rolling pin not pictured

The Decked out Mounts and Cammo Desk Chair is inspiration for my friend Nicky
U can find her here  Momma Gets Real


  1. Wow! You've had some stressful times. I hope there's nothing but sunny skies ahead for you. I've had some big health problems for the past year and a half so I've had my share of visits to doctors in Boston but life is good and I am enjoying my family and 2 grandsons who I adore.

  2. You're up and bloggin' again! whoot whoot! I'm so glad you are starting to get back to yourself.

    Sweet baby Jesus... if my husband saw that camo chair... I'd never see him again. He'd be shacked up in the man cave. LOL It's looks like your STAYcation went fantastic... boy I wish I lived near an IKEA ..... errrr.... and a seafood shack.

    Have a great week, love!



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