Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gotta Get It Gadget

Morning yall this is a
I bought it at Wal Mart which I hardly go to anymore but I was there and saw this and we love making homemade pizza but who wants to turn their oven onto 450 when it's 90-110 outside not us LOL  so I spent the 24$ and picked it up but did see it on sale for $19.00 this last week.
I will post about Pizza making with it in a separate post somewhere down the line- let me say the first time I did  Pizza it was fantastic and of course I snapped no pictures the second time I changed my dough- and it well wasn't blog worthy to say the least lol it was barely edible yikes!!  Also we haven't done a frozen store bought pizza in it yet.
Follow the directions in the pamphlet to season the pizza maker  before your first use and well I bought tostinos $1 pizzas to throw away during the seasoning process
I did do a Frittata/Omlet on a whim cause the box says u can lol
and oh my GOSH it turned out Fantastic and took like a minute to cook seriously. 

 I had left over chicken sausage, mushrooms & olives from dinner the night before
 I whisked up 6 eggs added the left over goodies poured it into my new Pizza maker do it all machine, added sliced tomatoes to the top 

added cheese to the top

closed the lid and in less than 3 minutes I had this a perfect frittata

in my book this is a definite gotta get it gadget I see endless possibilities for it in my cooking future.
Any questions I will be happy to answer if I can.  
Hugs RaNae

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  1. That looks amazing! You make me want to get one!

    1. I could have sworn I replied to this please forgive me thanks so much for stopping by Debbie and I love mine especially in this brutally hot summer we are having.

  2. Hi! When you bought this pizza maker was there an instruction booklet or sheet in the box? I bought one today and there isn't one in there and trying to see if I need to drive back to Walmart. thanks, great pics!

  3. Hi Jeff are you Michelles husband? I answered you through email but wanted to post here also yes there is an instruction book that comes with it it talks about how to prep it for the first use and talks about how to use it what u can make with it and I think even some recipes I also think I threw mine out so I won't be much more help but I love it I use it for whatever I think I can- re heating stuff pizzas and potato skins etc.

    Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment about my pics I am trying to get better with them.

  4. We have one of these and it makes amazing pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas and cinnamon rolls. Wish I had bought a back up!


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