Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Lil Bit o Turquoise A Paint Tutorial

Well I fell in love with turquoise when I was born it is consider by some accounts Capricorns Birthstone but when I started seeing it all over the place last fall in fashion and decor and pinterest my love affair was reignited.
Well I am all about the re-do re-new re-use re-paint gig when it comes to my home. Have been for years because  I have things I adore and am attached to but like to update somewhat from time to time.

So some cherubs got updated with a bit of paint and I thought someone out there might like to apply this to their project.
My cherubs looked like the one below cream and antiqued.  The foo dogs at the end of the post were grey with black bases from Home Goods and got base coated with Kilz

I painted the cherubs with a dark turquoise craft paint

after they dried I applied antiquing medium and wiped off with a cloth rag

Then I dry brushed a very light aqua on the high points to give the antiquing depth and the cherubs more dimension

I forgot to take a picture of this step but I dry  brushed white over the aqua marine creating the look on the right 

Then to bling them out- a girl can never have to much bling lol I dry brushed this metalic  emerald green on next creating the finished look on the left

The same technique was done to these foo dogs 

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  1. Thanks SO MUCH for joining the FUN! I'm excited to be your newest follower! XO, Aimee

  2. You are so clever. I never know what to do with paint.

    1. TY Chris I never know what to do with quilt fabric *-)

  3. oh these look terrific! do tell where you got the blowing kisses angels - love them!

    1. Hi JoAnn TY so much for stopping by those angels are cute aren't they I picked them up at garage sales and junk stores years ago in Oklahoma when we used to live there now to check out your sweet lil bloggy home xoxo


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