Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday TiVo is the Greatest Thing

Tivo is the greatest thing 
In mid February after spending alot of time in the Word and in Prayer I was blessed with a spark of hope to keep moving forward, keep trying, continue heading towards living a better life... better in the way I treat myself better in the way I treat others better in the way I treat this Holy Ghost Building so I talked to my husband and we made a plan for me to go back to the pool at the gym and I made a commitment to remain open and moving forward - on the right track, to keep trying, to keep taking steps to improve. 
So how does Tivo fit into all this well I taped  Joel Osteen one day - I have heard him maybe once or twice before but this session was in capitol letters CONFIRMATION for the path the Holy Ghost was leading me upon not only confirmation but because I have it on tivo it is an encouragement every time and any time  I feel the walls building back up that I have to push through.  I know ultimately God is my grace and encourager and my director but I think he uses Tivo to have it on video that ahh yes you are on the right path.... well it is a blessing.
so now here is the even bigger 
Joy and the Blessing
because of this and theses choices and the hard work My good cholesterol rose by 18 points to normal goal thus reducing my risk of stroke by 40% My bad cholesterol dropped by 10 points to normal goal.  My blood pressure has improved and my Dr. found out my thyroid went sour again and my medicine needs to be adjusted.
So because I have been doing what I can, responding to the convictions placed upon my heart God has given me the strength to rise above dig in and be disciplined I have been doing what I can in the natural and I believe whole heartedly that God will take care of the supernatural... because He loves me because He is my Father.
I am so in love with Him
He is my Joy and my Blessing and I just wanted to share that with you.
Him and Tivo lol  *-) *-)

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