Wednesday, April 25, 2012


pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday is.......
 well what got me surfing the blogs again after
big ole slump the last 3 years-
But like I said surfing all these great ladies fashion blogs has
 brightened my day 
 taught me to be courageous
 encouraged me to be me & not be ashamed of me
 and the biggest blessing is
I have  made new friends
 and I would like to say a big
to each and everyone who has shared at a WIWW or hosted one of these WIWW  linky parties Ya'll have no idea how just sharing can help someone else
So now here is my first WIWW post
I am linking up to 

This was bumming around the house last November

leggins Woman Within  Charcoal Grey long sleeve T shirt
JCP Big Mens shop 2 years ago  Slippers Wal Mart
Floral shirt years ago from Catherines


Tank Top from Catherines 2 years ago
Skort from Woman Within
Flip Flops Crocs

Necklace and Earings Wal Mart 2 years ago

Bracelet came from Cavenders Boot City this past weekend

2 rope rings Sundance Catalog 10 years ago
Hear Ring gifted by my hubby from James Avery 
Blue Topaz ring from Fred Meyer Jewlery part of the Katy Ireland collection

Pink Blue and Tan leather bead bracelet bought at the Spot in Gulf Shores AL
other two leather cuffs I hand carved and made well DH made the blue one on the bottom and I did the brown one on top

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  1. You did it!

    See... it wasn't that bad! I gotta say your accessories... ROCK! I love, love Sundance. ;-) You look fab! Congratulations... newbie!

    ... and I wish Chloe could hang out with Maggie and Georgie...


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