Friday, May 4, 2012

Closet Carousel Organization on the cheap

Well first I have to apologize I took no before pics we did this in January before I started blogging again but here is a description each rod was jammed packed with clothes so tight u couldn't hardly move the clothes.  All my husbands clothes hung plus all his work uniforms and his extensive collection of cycling gear.  All my clothes hung also.
And DH had MORE yes I said MORE clothes than I did lol.
I wish I could afford a professional closet system or at least one of the do it yourself kind from a home improvement store but I can't 
 I thought maybe there are some other gals/families out there who can't either so this is why I am sharing.  Maybe they'll see something I used and think hey that can work for me
I only purchased 3 new organizers most was done with purging and rearranging and with containers we already had

Some other things u have to understand about our closet/home  
1. We have no linen closet in the house  8-(
2. When we moved here we lost our shed which is 
where we used to keep all our christmas stuff 
3. We have a truss roof which means no attic storage.
4.  We have a small house
Funny thing is when we looked at the house we thought the closet was so big it could fit a cot plus all our stuff lol

Belts and ties we hang on a tie rack we had for year 
red containers are christmas ornament boxes

the square sweater hanger below I had but wasn't using now I keep bags and rolled up leggins & my casual pants in it
There is a duplicate one in on my husbands side and I keep all his jeans and lounging pants in it folded up like sweaters really opens up space.
The carousel organizer is new This is the 3 shelf Version LOVE it 
here is a link to a 5 shelf version u will see a couple pics down bought it at Wal Mart
The carousel is where I keep many scarfs purses and tanks that don't wrinkle
The wire cubicles are 6 and 4 store stuff like sleeping bags and old picture albums
2 hold house tshirts

This area used to hold many of my dh's clothes work uniforms= moved to spare closet
more christmas decs old vhs tapes of family movies- what 2 do with them now???
blankets remember no linen closet

This is the 5 tier it holds all my dh's cycling stuff plus a ton of my socks.

containers full of decor items and linens because I have no attic

can u see the stripy hangers below- I took scrap yarn and wrapped it around the hangers  time consuming but I did it so my tops wouldn't fall off and it works!


  1. What a nice organized closet! Those new pieces really seem to be helpful. The carousel is new to me. I have a closet in my home that could use one :)

    So nice stopping by to say hi!
    Kindly, Lorraine

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lorraine I am sure u will put one to good use if u get one our 3 filled up fast lol

  2. Your yarn around the hangers is a great idea! I am going to have to try that. I have tiny closets here in my 1967 house. You have to get creative with them.

    1. I hear that Chris even though this is a 2005 house the closets are never big enough lol

  3. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish such a big job? You did great!

    1. TY Miss Gracie for stopping by and for the great compliment


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