Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doggie Girls

We were invited by Sharla @ The House at Bluebird Lane
to join the Rockin Pet Linky Party in honor of National Pet Week 
May 6th - 12th 
So we decided to get this together and join in the fun
Why don't u join us click on the banner below

This is baby Maggie this may also be before we got our 1st digi cam
This is around July 4th 2000
She was soo tiny

This is baby Jorgie like in the song
 Hey there Jorgie girl This was around June of 2004 she was 3 months old when we got her and can u believe she chewed down a 6 ft Weeping Willow tree the lil bugger at this size/age.

This is the girls in 2005 when we moved to Texas

This is Jorgie taken today she looks sly and conniving but she is a sweetheart very well behaved except for he occasional bouts with separation anxiety that cause her to destroy something of mine that is left within reach i.e nail files, little memo books, night gowns etc etc etc lol.

This is Maggie taken last week she is hitting her senior years & we are starting to notice differences in her hearing 8-( but she can still be a love bug but she's got a bitchy side too lol she'll like do this rwachhh sound and kick her legs out when u try to move her in bed at night lol.

A bit of history as I remember it from my research on what breed to get Miniature Pinschers are not related to Doberman Pinschers and are not miniature Dobermans.
Min Pins were bred to mouse German Households- stay at the Lady of the houses' feet keeping the mice out of the kitchen- dirt floors back then and out of the bed at night- they to this day after generations of breeding like to sleep at your feet or at least under the covers in bed with you at night.
These are the first pets we have had that were pure bred our previous 5 were all rescues of one sort or another.

A few years ago my dh had to build this ramp for her to get into our bed
(side note this is draped in fabric and fringe lol)
because she kept over extending the tendons in her legs jumping in and out of bed
first one leg then the other one whole summer she was mostly in casts at least they were pink

and that didn't stop her from climbing up to the top of the couch

We had to move the majority of our furniture against walls so she wouldn't jump off the backs/ tops of them any more.... what we won't do for our furbabies


  1. RaNae, Your little doggie girls are adorable! I can't believe how tiny they were as puppies.:-) I love the photos, especially the ones you took today of the girls, so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your fur babies at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party! Sending much doggie love Maggie and Jorgie's way!

  2. Aw I love them! and poor baby with his cast :( he looks so adorable in it tho! -Jessica

  3. Aww so cute poor thing in her cast. Dogs are so special. Thanks for sharing.


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