Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grocery Day Buy and Food/Meal Prep

Hi everyone I wanted to share something I have been doing for over a year now that has really helped my family of 2 - Food Prep for easy meals for 2. 
Warning this is wordy and Picture Heavy but I think their might be a lil something here for everyone.
 But the new part is Double Add Day Shopping.  I noticed that a new store we have been shopping at Sprouts allows you to shop 2 weeks(previous and current) worth of their sale adds on Wed. & this past week I put it to test since our freezer was getting bare.  I also have to say the majority of their meats have no additives and well if there is one near you u should give it a try.

I purchased 2 pckgs whole legs- went straight to freezer.  2 pkgs whole chicken cut up- went straight to freezer. 2 family packs bnls sknls ck breast. 6 pkgs organic ground beef, a pork loin roast, a bnls chuck roast, 1 pkg ground pork, corn, radishes,2 pkgs romain hearts lettuce, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, black berries, blueberries, oranges, creamer, sour cream etc etc etc.

We live a second shift life in this house and our "main meal/dinner" is at noonish so with all kinds of other morning activities that are a must especially in the summer I had to figure out a way to get a meal on the table that was relatively quick and held up to my husbands whims of I feel like eating this today or this tomorrow.... lol geesh men!!
Large precooked freezer meals don't really work for us since its just us 2  but taking large buys of sale items and precooking them and freezing them in a manner that allows me to pull and use in this or that is very dooable for anyone.
I do this all on shopping day WED.

I wash all our fruit and veggies in (except for mushrooms)in a mix of baking soda and lemon 
I change the water often it gets yuky

Pork Loin roast (lean not like a butt roast) gets diced up and put in lrg croc pot
covered with just water 

I use these spices on the pork

this is it cooked also shown cooked meat balls and chuck roast
I pull some chunks of pork out for spaghetti sauce 
the rest gets shredded- cooled and bagged for the freezer
I can then pull out a bag defrost and turn into bbq pork sliders, pork carnita tacos or add to soup add to fritatas etc

I mix up 2 pkgs grnd beef 1 pkg pork for meatballs

I made these super large and baked them in the oven
these get froze 4 to a bag enough for 2 2 serving meals of a pasta dish or a pasta dish and pizza etc
chuck roast cut and seasoned with salt and pepper

browned in frying pan and cooled  baged in large sandwhich bags and froze can be turned in to pasta sauce, tacos, beef stew
ground hamburger cooked in frying pan and froze in individual bags- can be used in tacos, pizzas, nachos.  Inital cooking done with just salt and pepper so when u are reheating for a recipe say tacos u can add all the mexican seasonings at that point.

Chicken breasts are marinated for 3-5 hours in olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning and baked in oven

the large chkn breasts I sliced up  froze and plan to reheat in chicken broth and serve with a muchroom sauce over wild rice and peas when my inlaws are visiting in June but I won't be spending all day in the kitchen while they are here *-) *-).
the other chicken breasts get sliced and froze- we use these in salads and with sticky rice

It makes for a long day a, lot of clean up but the next month if not more cooking is sooo easy.  Add some frozen fish and frozen vegetables to your freezer and you have a plethera (love that word lol) plethera of meal combinations at the drop of a hat.

And u get rewards like this

I hope this inspires you or u found a tidbit helpful
xo RaNae


  1. RaNae, Love all your tips! I cook for a family of four and most the time am scrambling to get something on the table. I am definitely going to try this. :-) Visiting you from It's Over Flowing. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your great home management tips. Have a great night!

    I would also love for you, Maggie and Jorgie to join the fun at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party going on now through May 12th in honor of National Pet Week. Hope to see you there!


  2. Well Hi Sharla I look forward to seeing more of all you do I'll get in on the link party tomorrow or Friday I gotta get a post of my fur babies together.

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  4. Wow, love all your tips. You do some serious food prep and cooking on Wednesdays. I love the "plethera" of food you prepare and the diversity. Thanks so much for you do all this, it must be an exhausting one day - but what a time saver for all the others. My kind of girl. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!

    1. Hi Cathy thanks for stopping by gonna check out pic monkey soon.

  5. That is a fabulous idea. I really need to do that so I don't have to cook each night of the week.
    I hope you are having a good weekend!

  6. Hi Katie yeah I won't have to do any big cooking unless I want to- Like I am thawing out one of our whole cut up chickens I do the most awesome skinless oven fried southern chicken I soak it in lowfat buttermilk over night with lousianna hot sauce in it yum.... I plan on doing a post on it but it probably won't be up tll the week after next.
    Had a good day went to Decatur to Catfish O'Harlies- Yum.


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