Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skinless Southern Oven Fried Chicken

Ok Gang this recipe is for those of u that want fried chicken with a crunchy coating without the actual frying

1 cut up chicken on the bone no skin in plastic container
add 1 bottle Louisiana Hot Sauce 
cover with lowfat buttermilk

stir a bit 

cover and place in frig for 24 hours

drain the chicken in a collandar letting the buttermilk drip off of it
then place on wire rack above a sheet pan (see pic below)
have an additional heavy duty sheet pan ready
heat oven to 375
when oven is heated place additional sheet pan into oven to heat

get 3 bowls ready
1 bowl has panko bread crumbs
1 has white flour with enough paprika and old bay to make it pink
1 bowl has 2%milk
have extra on hand of all
This is a triple dip process
dip you chicken in the milk let it drip a second
place it in the flour bowl cover with flour shake off excess
and then
back into the milk and then again into the flour
then back into the milk 
then into the panko pressing the panko into the chicken
place on wire racked sheet pan till all chicken is done and giving the chicken a bit of time to rest- just a couple minutes after last piece is breaded
see a couple pics above

Next-I forgot to take pics of this remove your heated sheet pan from the oven(remember to use oven mitts- yup been there done that) and spray with nonstick cooking spray (I used canola oil spray)
place your chicken on the pan so each has space
then take your spray and spray each piece of chicken directly- this helps in the browning process.
My wings and legs came out around 38 minutes the others went to 45-50 minutes 
it all depends on big your pieces are(y'all know the size of some chicken breasts thesee days are DDD) LOL
mine were a small C (if only my actual boobie girls were LOL)
What u end up with is a tangy slightly spicy moist inside piece of oven fried chicken with a crunchy exterior that u can sink your teeth into.

Hope u enjoy

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  1. I can't wait to try this recipe. It looks absolutely scrumptious. I found you through From My Front Porch to Yours. I'm your latest follower and a fellow newbie. Hope you can stop by and check me out sometime!

  2. Hi Peggy I just stopped by your blog so cool left u a comment too thanks for stopping by and about the chicken it is a regular size bottle of hot sauce and it doesn't make it real hot or anything- I actually want to get my chicken hotter next time like Popeyes (a lousianna chicken restaurant) anyways it is still sooo yummy let me know how u like it. Love the desk u just score so pretty would look great turquoise gonna put ya on my blog roll

  3. Another yummy recipe!! I am going to have to start writing them down!:) Thanx for sharing!


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