Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday 1-6pm Challenge for Myself

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Well it has been 10 days since I started the 1-6pm challenge for myself see here and I have to say the first day was really hard I obsessed over it before it even started... showed me plain and clearly I have put way to much importance on that lil black box the next 2 days I found myself checking the clock regularly biting at the bit for 6pm to get here.  Now sometimes I don't even put music on.... if I do it is more than likely positive affirming music.

What changes have I seen well I was hoping to craft more- haven't done a thing lol... was hoping to clean more that is coming along but the house isn't in tip top shape yet far from it.  I have been blogging more trying to figure out this new blogisphere - I am just gonna do my own thing a lil of this a lil of that keep pluggin along- hopefully always with kindness and respect just they way I want to be treated.

I have noticed alot more intraspection looking inward and upward.  I realized this morning while I was back reading my own blog I used to be a much more "HAPPY" person - I want that back.  I did alot of meditating (not the sit down and ooommm kind) just thinking on that today and I would hear a line in a song that would lift me up several different times today several encouragements... and I came across this post I Choose Joy  and what do ya know just gotta say God works in mysterious ways.

Just my thoughts this thursday
and I leave u with a doggie shot of Jorgie

Hugz R

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  1. You will get used to your new routine in no time. And you will become more comfortable with it, too! Thanks for coming by my blog... It is raining all this week so I can't garden, so I am sewing more baby quilts, a fun thing to do. Hang in there and in no time, you'll have a new lifestyle!


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