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Thrifty Purses & Camera carry

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Last time I was surfing pinterest ( i am not a member yet heck i'm not even on facebook lol ) I was seeing these girls who were making camera protection sections for their purses so they could carry their cameras--- well dang it I wanted to carry my camera too but what's a girl to do that is 1. a novice to sewing  2. doesn't carry the same purse all the time- I got a thing for purses and switch them up all the time. 3. can't find time to craft?  And 4. Needs to not spend $ if at all possible.
 Well first I searched for a purse big enough to hold my camera in it's ugly black bag that dh bought when he bought the camera

and I happened upon this one at
for only $15.00 I know #4 was not to spend money but a girl can always find $ for the right purse and come one she has a flower and bling and aligator pattern and she is purple(not electric like in the photo lol) 

Well the lil ugly camera bag fits in there just fine
This girl is doing and endzone happy dance

So I decide to see if it works in this gem I found at an antique mall of all places for only $12.00 a couple months back and the thing is it's one of my favorite brands JC Penney used to sell it called Genna De Rossi but I think they discontinued it they are hard to find now and it's a shame cause they are great purses.  Anyways it works in this one too WOOT WOOT and in my messenger bag(no pics thought I'd spare u lol since it wasn't thrifty I paid big big bucks for it at Lance Armstrongs Bike Shop in Austin last year)  anyways the coolest thing is I carry my camera everywhere now- cause u can't snap a shot or "the" shot if u don't have it with you.

So if u have been wanting to carry your camera give this solution a try it might work for u also.
Happy Thursday
Hugs R

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