Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo Fun Friday

U know what I love most about playing around with the Apple photo programs
it is just plain silly fun FUN fun!!!
Have a great friday 

Stretch effect

Mirror effect

Normal lol


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    1. Hi my friend glad u stopped by I hope u have a great Fourth of July.
      Hugs RaNae

  2. crack me up! I forgot to answer your previous question on my blog... I have a "skin" on my Macbook... (kinda like a protective cover) ... I got it at ... Decal Girl also has a huge selection!

    xox Nicky

    1. Hey there Nicky great thanks so much for answering bet u r at the lake have a good holiday hope your house sells soon

  3. Dear Ranae,
    Stopping to say hello and wish you and the family a happy weekend.
    Kind regards: Geraldo

    1. Hello Geraldo my sweet Brazilian friend so glad u stopped by to say hello this is a holiday week coming up for America where we celebrate the signing of the declaration of independence and our freedom from England's rule there will be lots of fireworks, parades and picnics. I hope u have a good week in Brazil and your beautiful town of Natal.
      Happy cyber hugs


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