Friday, June 15, 2012

Lets Talk Shades of Grey Thoughts on Thursday

My thoughts today are on Grey Hair 
When is it time to let it go natural??

 I noticed in passing by a mirror that my roots are in a horrible shape but it wasn't an emotional catastrophe as it has been in the past... let me give you a bit of a back story Growing up I had the most beautiful natural auburn hair everyone always commented on how beautiful it was.  I first colored my hair in high school with Sun In and I also stupidly used Henna... those fads passed and my hair came back to it's natural beautiful auburn color.YAY lol
 I went to beauty school at 27 and began coloring my hair for fun or to try different products but that fad passed and my natural color came back.  YAY again. I started noticing my first greys in my mid 30's one here or there no big deal.  In my late 30's early 40's the strangest thing happened my hair started come in dark dark brown almost black and thus began the several year attempt at returning to my natural beautiful auburn.... sadly that was never achieved but a pleasant by product the greys got covered... then I started noticing a grey streak at my temple and then my roots were almost all grey.... this was too much too quick and I took matters into my own hands and went blonde... I am not a good blonde lol then strawberry blonde
in this color I never felt comfortable never like myself and the grey roots against this was horrid and thus began the emotional battle of what to do... keep coloring or let it go natural.  I think If I could have pulled off a short hair cut I might have considered it seriously the roots grew out to almost 4 inches and I was an emotional mess because I couldn't figure out a solution I was comfortable with... then one day I saw this girl with the most beautiful hair color I asked her who did it for her.. thinking I'll splurge give my husband a break from being my colorist and get her girl to do me just like her... dang thing is she did it herself with this mousse/foam hair color... ahhh better yet I can do my own save money and save my husband lol... well I totally forgot color theory/ science and with my base color being the strawberry blonde it grabbed the red undertones of her dark cherry black hair and I was Ronald Freaking McDonald no kidding that crazy red- well the only thing to do was have my husband give me an all over level 4 ash (the green undertones in the ash color neutralize the red)color job .....

and it turned out to the color below well this is 6 weeks grown out.... The answer came out of a big blunder that is a blessingand andThe bigger blessing is for some reason the grey roots aren't freaking me out anymore....they aren't devastating me I don't know if it is because my natural color is so similar to what I have now and I feel more like myself or if it is because of all the compliments I have gotten on the new dark color.... but I am free for now from the battle of finding an answer to the question... is it time to go GREY??.... Not Now Not for Me!! :-)
So can any of you relate??
Are any of you facing the same dilemma?


  1. gah!! I can relate! (and sympathize!) I started going grey at an ungodly age and now dye my hair every 5-6 weeks (if I don't, my hubby starts calling me the silver fox!) I have thought about going lighter, but would just get sooo bored and tired from the upkeep, so I just stick to my natural colour and keep dying them roots!!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Dee so glad someone can relate just redid my roots this past weekend lol


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