Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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What did you do??
I cleaned my carpets
I have to say I love my Hoover Steam Vac
The link to the one below is the new and improved version and from what I can tell the improvements are logical - they moved the on off button added a rotating brush to the small stair attachment  and they give more space between the collection bucket and the solution bucket- probably provides easier removal and insertion.
Looks like they also made the rotating brushes easily removable for easy cleaning.
Let me tell you I have had my version for probably close to 15 years and we replaced the brushes once-they didn't break they were just wearing down- it was  easy to do just  a purchase at a hoover vacuum store and a quick replace.
It is so easy to use and when you have these girls

U need one of these lol

this stuff smells so good

And when u do use it you get this
(note really hard to take this pic with one hand while I was pouring lol)

and if this is goin down the drain it ain't stinking up your carpet.


  1. That is what we need with only one dog and a seldom indoor cat. Rentals-R-Us these days since we downsized.

    1. Hi Jean so glad u stopped by again I'll tell ya this carpet cleaner was one of our better investments also as of late over the last couple years I have seen on tv that because of the bed bug epidemic in the US it is not a great idea to use the rental machines not to freak u out or anything it's just that u don't know how good it got cleaned out between rentals


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