Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIWW 6-4

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I have missed the last 2 or 3 weeks of WIWW and I didn't want to miss any more it helps me tremendously- reality check and motivation to keep counting calories and 
working out

These 2 walking tours were very good health wise for me but dh wasn't into taking pics with his parents visiting he didn't want to be rude to them so these are just quick snaps but like I said this is more for me than for ya'll
Mind you it was 90something this past weekend.... way too hot too early anyways

This is me at the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth (check out the blog post here )this past weekend 

This is what I wore to tour Cowboys Stadium this past weekend 


  1. girl, i am counting calories and working out too! its a struggle! i love that seater in the first pictures, its really cute! sounds like you were having fun in those picures! new follower.

    1. Thanks Jessica I have visited your blog before thanks for stopping by and the encouragement I put your blog on my side bar under fashion blogs Have a Terrific Tuesday

  2. You look great! Keep it up!! It will be so fun to look back over these pics and see your transformation! Then we can call it transformation Thursday!!!

    1. Aww Kim u r soo encouraging thank you so much.
      Hugs RaNae

  3. Hello RaNae,
    Thanks, for the nice comment about my last post. I really did appreciate it.
    A stadium is a good place to enjoy the time specially when our team win.
    Have a nice day and a good weekend with the family.

  4. Thanks for stopping by with the sweet wishes. Life can be tough, just gotta get through it! Right?
    I just read many of your posts and I will say you are much more comfortable in front of the camera than I am. To me that means you are centered and comfortable in your own skin.
    Keep on the weight loss journey. At first it seems like an impossible dream. Take it from somebody that lost 70lbs 10 years ago and hasn't looked back since. the funny thing is I lost it the old fashion way. Like you I used the G grill and walked and biked and yes for a year I did the dreaded sit ups. My boys used to sit on my legs so I couldn't cheat! The sit ups have gone by the way side but eating light and healthy has not. So keep it up. I'll be your cheer leader!!!

  5. Aww Tammy I'll take your cheers any time and every time and I sure do fake it well lol *-) *-) wink wink


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