Monday, July 9, 2012

Maggie Update and Weekend Wrap Up

Do you ever go shopping with your hubby cause he needs something  and u think ahh I could use one too then things start going haywire u grab the wrong size but don't realize it till u get home so you have to go back the next day and it's really far away... ughhh then they don't have one in the size u need once u get there .... ohh geez well that starts the "Search"  and u end up going to 5 different stores and with each new store u remember why u don't like that store and vow never to step foot in it again ... lol till next time then the last store.. bingo u find something better than u could have imagined and at a big discounted price... girls and guys meet my new computer bag.  It is sleek. colorful padded with an extra zipper section and a strap that turns it into a messenger bag... YAY.
So can anyone relate??

So we did get to eat at one of our favorite Sub Shops Jimmy Johns They are a chain I think National and we like them  especially in the way they make their subs they put them together a very clean sanitary manner and every time u go there the quality is exactly the same top notch.  this is my veggie sub with an unsweet ice tee and thinny chips y'all should check them out if u are near one my dh loves the Italian.  And their Dill pickles are the best.

So this is one of those live basil plants u buy at the grocery store it didn't fare too well
on the trip home then i used some of it so by time it got in the pot all that was left was these two pewny looking sprigs... we shall see how they do lol
Once again I am grateful that I own a steam cleaner even though I didn't want to have to drag it out first thing this morning but when there is trailing dog puke streaming across the living room what's a girl to do lol??

Well this is Maggie this morning she is feeling or acting like she feels 100%
Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes We really appreciate it.  We go back to the Dr on Friday for a ReCheck and I will update again then the Cyst/Abscess has gone down significantly and she is definitely not in pain from it anymore  wen we first brought her home it hurt her to move u couldn't touch her any where's near it and she just slept for 2-3 days
Now there is her new Heart murmur to address something her dr noticed for the first time during this visit.



  1. I am so happy Maggie is recovering! Ya... for prayer!

    And I'm a fan of Jimmy Johns too!

  2. Hey there Nicky Yup Ya for prayer thank your kids for me.
    Yup gotta love the Jimmy Johns

  3. I am soooo glad Maggie is feeling better!!


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