Monday, July 23, 2012

Mojo Misplaced and Vegan ?'s

Well you would think that something that started out looking this good would taste fantastic ... right??? Right--- WRONG lol
it was inspired by a cherry tomato and squash crumble- but I thought I would add other veggies and pasta and ricotta and mozzarella- but I didn't saute any of the veg I just popped it in the oven thinking the tomatoes would burst and it would be all juicy and wonderful.....NOT it was so dry and the veg were just warmed lol....

I was left with this to contend with.... ugh

So after a disaster like that you would think.... that a girl could get it back together... so I came up with a potato salad with steamed green beans and dill I liked it but it didn't pass the Dear Hubby test so it doesn't make it to the blog... lol

Ok today I decided to give it one more try and let me tell ya if this doesn't work I may just go back to eating meat LOL...
So I thought I would do this crock pot veg and wheat noodle lasagna- oh my gosh the opposite of the first recipe this was soo juicy the lasagna noodles that were not pre cooked turned to mush and this was pretty tasteless.... looks ok but a mess none the less so what do you do with that....

ya slop lots of cheese on the top of it for the oven tomorrow and hope the 
Dear Hubby can live with it for one meal

ok these may not be totally vegan ?'s I have recently given up eating meat- i.e chicken beef pork I haven't had fish since the beginning of July and not sure if I will in the future but right now it is what it is... I am not getting into seitan and tofu and this and that yet either- I mean I am a foodie food addict so the best I can do right now is work with veg and beans and grains and cheese and eggs.
Last time I was at the grocery I bout broke down on the way to the car with the cart- I felt totally overwhelmed and then when I got into the house with the grocery... bout lost it again

So those of you who primarily  eat a veg based diet how do you plan your meals - do you go to the store and buy what looks good then plan a menu or the opposite

What kind of storage do you use for your veg for your greens
Do you have just a frig and no freezer
What kind of frig freezer do you have - mine is not optimal for a veg based life
how often do you go to the grocery do you buy a big amount or go to the store more often
I think the answers to these ?'s and any other advice u are willing to give will help me to plan better and be less stressed




  1. Hi home girl! I'm am doing much, much better (the last pic on my Insta-Friday pic was not recent) Although I do have the "mu mu" on right now while I catch up with all you lovely lades asking how I'm doing.

    The recovery is a catch 22... I feel good when the painkillers have kicked in ... but when I'm on the pain killers I'm dizzy (resulting in puking) and itch. ( like wanna itch my face off, kinda itch) Tonight is the last night I can take them.. then I have to manage the pain with Tylenol. YIkes!!

    I haven't had much of an appetite, UNITIL I saw this post.... YUMMMMMM!

    How is maggie doing? I hope her health is back to "Normal" min pin status!

    oxxo Nicky

  2. RaNae - I use Pinterest and Cooking Light for a lot of my inspiration. We LOVE black bean burgers or even black bean-sweet potato burgers. Maybe that would be something different to try? As for the planning, we try to do a meal plan each week (even though we don't always stick to it). I can be such an impulse buyer at the store that it helps me to have a little idea of what we need/don't need. Hope that kind of helps! Oooh and check out for recipes - they are awesome vegan/vegetarian cooks who are frugal too!

  3. Erin thanks so much for these tips I will so check out the sites you said. I use pinterest and veggie mamma for my inspiration there a a couple meatless monday linky parties and I have some great blogs at the top of my blog roll under healthy blogs for recipes if you want to check them out. oh my veggies is great too all the links are on my side bar
    I am gonna deffinitly lean towards a meal plan that should help


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