Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rolled Flowers and Yarn storage

I have a new appreciation for "rolled flowers"  I have been eyeing them for months on the blogs and pinterest - they grace everything from wreaths to hair pins to purses and cell phone cases.  I have been in love with them but $ is tight and I thought ohh I can make them so this past week while my cooking mojo was gettin a tan and reenergizing herself I decided to craft a little while watching tv- I cut out these letters from a cardboard box and covered in twine. Glued them to an old picture mat added silver scrollies and decided it needed some rolled flowers to accent it... well girls 
Those suckers are hard to do LOL at least hard for me to do I will now be purchasing all rolled flowers.

now the whole project didn't turn out pristine in the flashes I/u can see misplaced glue and smudges but the saying means something to me it came into my heart after God led me to this post HERE
when I needed to hear just what Lauren Rebecca 
had to say and I am grateful to her and to the Holy Spirit for leading me to her thoughts that day so because of that because I see the gratitude the love and the heartfelt sharing of thoughts and concerns and encouragement I don't see smudges well because of all that and the fact that I need new glasses LOL.
Have a great Tuesday

Side note I am attaching a picture of where I store my yarn for reference in answering another bloggers ?
I store my yarn in this bookcase I bought from Ikea a few years back.  The wicker baskets are from Ikea but when my stash grew I would rather put the money into more yarn rather than new baskets so I customized some cardboard boxes to size and decoupaged them to make them pretty.  I also store all my yarn craft books in this case and it is right behind my recliner for easy access.

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