Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacay not quite right now we know why....

We are on vacation right now and we were spose to still be gone in Mississippi and Tennessee but things just weren't quite right in our spirit so we cut it short and good thing we did see HERE
We went to Miss. for Doug to ride the Natchez Trace Parkway he had already done a section of it a couple years ago and wanted to continue on with it- we were also scouting for a retirement area. We went to Miss. never went to Tenn also we went down to Galveston, TX(no link because we would never recommend anyone go there (yuk yuk yuk)(no offense if u live there) I'm not gonna bore you with the details except the short story of getting to Galveston-
* we expected to get there around 6pm had never been before and put the address of our hotel in while we were an hour out and we were coming in from the east on 10.  Our paper map was all clogged with printing in that area so I couldn't see what was about to come
mind you we had been looking at this for at least 60 miles thinking it said free freeway
Doug says to me switch it off the british voice cause that is what they call a freeway so I did I put Betty(my gps' name) back on american english and the writing didn't change...
well it didn't say/ show freeway  it said free ferry and betty actually never said get on the free ferry till our wheels were actually moving onto the platform but by that time we had it all figured out LOL  then Doug says to me I have been looking at that little boat symbol under the mileage for 2 hours now trying to figure out what it was
Well people let me tell u it is the Garmin Symbol for FERRY lol

 we had to wait in line for an hour and a half to get on the dang thing and by the time we realized what was happening it was counterproductive to turn around grr did I mention
oh well I survived
here are some pics 
this first is the best bbq  we have had in Texas

the rest are of our time in Mississippi


  1. Stopping in to say happy 4th! So glad you survived the ferry! I love them, myself!

    1. HI Jeanne thanks for popping in hope u had a good fourth and can catch a ferry ride soon.

  2. Been looking through your posts RaNae, and looks like you have been one busy lady. Okay, I had to look up noodling, and can I just say...ewwww! But then I have bad fish catching memories from childhood when I had to hold a wriggling fish. I suppose it would be pretty fun to watch someone else do the noodling. Love the scenes from your trip as well. Thanks for stopping by Quirky Vistas. That's how I found you. I'm following now. Hope you'll come by and do the same.

    1. Hi Liz thanks for stopping by and following I never went fishing till I was in my 20's so my wriggling fish didn't bug me too much lol I'll be by your blog later this weekend to follow and put u on my blog roll so I can stay caught up.
      Have a fun weekend


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