Monday, August 20, 2012

Egg Tomato & Scallion Sandwich gets me back on track Thanks

this recipe is not my own I got it from 
go to the link to see the recipe
but I gotta say it is soooo simple and so tasty it becomes elegant and I am thankful for such a beautiful compliment of flavors to get me back on track after all that MEAT lol.
I served myself this lunch with cut fresh vegetables with horseradish wasabi to dip in and fresh cherries for a sweet treat.

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  1. We're trying to eat less meat and this meal just looks perfect for us. I'm assuming you took the photograph...if you did it's stunning.

    1. Hi Geneva I always wanted to name a daughter that such a pretty name. Thanks for coming by and following - most of the recipes are my creations if they aren't I totally credit where I got it from and send them there for it unless it is a book and thanks for the comment about my picture I take all the pictures on my blog - well my dh takes the pics of WIWW for me.

  2. Had to stop by and thank you for your
    sweet comments on my blog... went into
    your bio and fell in love with your
    glasses.. really, their so cool! I've
    worn them since the age of 12 and am
    sick of them but will be looking for
    some like yours...
    Sorry off subject... I'm a veggie
    and love this recipe..
    thanks again
    have a great week

    1. Glad you stopped by Sandy I got my glasses at Wal Mart last year

  3. That looks delightful! Nice colors! I found your blog via My Sweet and Savory's Meatless Monday hop. I'm having one too if you'd like to join: I'm now following via GFC, looking forward to seeing more ;)

  4. I love Skinny Taste and have been following her for over a year, even when I'm not watching my weight I follow her recipes, especially her Colombian recipes. I miss this one though and with tomatoes being abundant right now I'll be making. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my stenciled stairway wall.

    1. Hi Cathy thanks so much sorry this has been long in coming was very sick looking forward to getting back into the swing of things


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