Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard 8 BBQ did me in and Best Cornbread Ever

Hard 8 BBQ did me in
we went to a college graduation party over last  weekend and they brought the 
BBQ + sides in from Hard 8 BBQ location Coppell
Everyone was eating when we got there and I was good at that point I just had some potato salad cole slaw and pinto beans but that was 3 o'clock by time the second feeding came around at 6:30 my self control was weigning.. I mean the smell of all that smoked meat... I was fairly good when my husband brought over his first full plate of MEAT and sat down next to me I held off and held off and right before he went for his second huge plate of MEAT lol I had a bite of his chicken popper- that was it it was like
the sweetness of the chicken the spiciness of the Jalapeno the salty fatness of the bacon.... to die for.  I would leave a link for the bbq joint but their link is broke it just circles you back to google.  I was still relatively good at that point only had 3 poppers but they sent us home with MEAT 3 days worth of MEAT lol

What u see below are our leftovers on day 2 some of the best ribs ever and chicken poppers. The Beans are Bushes BBQ Burbon beans out of a can and the corn bread I made my husband said the cornbread was the best he ever had  and truthfully it was I made it in my Gotta Get It Gadget Pizza Maker HERE

I used 3 boxes of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix  I used part half and half and  part water I
added fresh cilantro, sliced scallions and 2 % cheddar cheese to the mix and popped it into my preheated Gotta Get It Gadget Pizza Maker
It was done in a flash and it turned out light and moist and ohh so tasty - so tasty that I have realized it is a trigger food for me so it won't see this household again unless I have a big crowd to feed.... I find it hard to control myself around it's sweet savoriness.


  1. Rae- I just want to say that I am super proud of you! Keep cooking good for you foods and exercising. You are doing great!

  2. K- u have know idea how I take your encouragement and hold onto it and use it to help me fight off my old ways- Thank you.


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