Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Hate Grocery Shopping Can u relate???

Ok first let me say I do believe I am hormonal right now so this is gonna
 be one of those rants that u just gotta get off your chest cause there 
is no one to talk to and if you don't get it out you will explode and 
once you do get it out you will feel a lot better 
especially this time of year here in North Texas because if you don't get out before 9 am then you are quickly faced with 99 degree f temps ( and you don't leave the house past 2 pm then you are faced with 108 degree temps + humidity- deadly)if not when you leave the house surely by time you are loading up the groceries into the trunk-in which you keep a cooler and a stash of insulated grocery bags because if you don't your cold groceries will be warm by time you get home- YUK and a big waste of money and freshness.  Then there is the fact that for the perfect grocery buy for the list of items you need to make the menu u have planed for the week- well u can't go to just one store because their isn't one store that carries the perfect combination of products... like there is a great chain of farmers markets called sprouts that has awesome fruits and veggies but I can't stock up on canned pumkin or yogurt there or household products for that I have to go to wal mart and then there is the distinction between wal mart and kroger and each kroger is different .
If they would only make the 
with a quality cost effective  selection of organic fruits and vegetables
backed by a descent household and dairy section
supported by a terrific expansive bath and beauty section
(like if I go to Kroger they aren't carrying almay cosmetics which I use alot of because of my allergies)
Throw in some home decor items and U got the perfect store-
 oh wait that is what Wal Mart and Kroger are trying to do but in my estimation for my needs and wants they both fall short and stress me out because in the end I end up settling and that sucks.
ok that feels better
I wonder can any of you relate

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