Saturday, August 18, 2012


It won't be long before Jerry's Place is brimming with activity

I have to tell you I have come to like watching football over the last 5 years but I don't have a strong team affiliation  which u may find funny as I live within 40 minutes of Cowboys Stadium
 I didn't grow up on football not like a native Texan or Okie has with it  injected- mainlined into their blood like an addict or terminally ill patient who's lifesaving medicine it is.
 I didn't grow up with brothers in the household they were halfzies and were MWK from the time I was born.  So I took my cues from my dad- who rooted for whom he though would bring him the biggest profit on the bet or I should say bets he placed
(he had a bit of a gambling love)
that week so I had no consistent long term team running through my veins.
As a child I remember (dating myself here) Joe Namath but not attaching him to the Jets was it?  I remember liking the Dolphins mostly because of the team colors and I enjoyed  making pompoms out of the sunday paper to fling around while watching a lot of college football.  
In my teen years I think the Dallas Cowboys became "Americas" team which was convenient from me because I lived within walking distance of their old pre season training camp in Thousand Oaks CA at the CLC so they kinda became my team at that time for that season of my life.
As an adult I married a great guy who isn't really into football and well I understand and agree with a lot of his reasons well all of them actually-
 1. not considering them heros I mean really they just throw and catch and kick balls- they tackle people to the ground- If I am gonna consider someone a hero it will be because they save someones life or cure cancer- or wipe my dying Fathers bottom because he can't do it for himself
2. not worshiping them- personally I believe no person is worthy of worship but surely not someone who just kicks, throws and catches a ball- or tackles a person to the ground- 
3. their over pay that is disgusting... 
but I have to say Now in the last 5 years  I like watching it- maybe it is the hi Def tv and stero sound which  makes u feel like your right  on the field I mean really in some of these games you can here the guys breath and grunt!!   Maybe it is the raw warrior like energy of the games- actually allowing for stress relief from the arm chair at least I find that to be so.
So I am READY for some Football maybe this year I will attach myself to a team - gotta say I am kinda leaning towards the Oakland Raiders I liked Pryor the quarterback in the first preseason game the Cowboys played against the Raiders last night.   I thought he was smart and talented and gosh they have the coolest craziest fans (photos here)- I saw one dressed up like Cenobite Pinhead from Clive Barkers Hellraiser ya gotta love that kind of creativity and passion.
I'll leave you with some pics we took of the 
Cowboys Stadium Tour
 we took at the beginning of the summer

Lets Get This Party Started!!!

this post was written on tuesday the 14

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