Monday, August 6, 2012

Recipe Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Where did the weekend go?? I watched alot of Olympics GO USA and knitted.  What did you do?   This is a quick and easy sauce I threw together last week with a mix of Fresh Sweet Red Pepper and Fire roasted chopped tomatoes- throw in some cannellini beans and a few spices spoon  it over whole wheat organic fettucini add a few shards of a good parmesan and your all set for a light, healthy, tasty and quick meal.  If your interested this is what you will need
***note in the pic I have a can of whole tomatoes but did not use them

1 can cannellini beans with juice
1 whole clove garlic
1 TBS tomato paste
1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes w/juice
crushed red pepper flakes- a pinch
1/4 tsp ground oregano
Fresh Parsley- a small hand full chopped
1 Stalk Celery chopped into chunks
1 large Sweet red pepper chopped into chunks and 1 TBS Olive Oil also 1 pkg pasta of your choosing we used organic whole wheat fettucini.
get your pan hot - add Olive Oil(hot pan cold oil = no stick or so they say on the food network lol)-add your pepper and celery saute till slight brown marks place tomato paste in middle of pan and smoosh around to cook out the raw taste then mix your veg into it add the pinch of crushed red pepper and 1/4tsp ground oregano and whole garlic clove

Add your can of beans, can of tomatoes and parsley bring to a bubble then turn off leave on off burner and place lid on it.  Cook your pasta to your liking
spoon over the the sauce and dress with parm shards and you get

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  1. Delicious, as usual! I wish we could get fire-roasted tomatoes here, I bet the flavour would be amazing.

  2. Hey there Stacey first thanks and yeah they are good. I guess you could char a tomato on a skewer over an open flame then use it?

  3. That just looks lovely! I love beans in pasta, but Mr W hates them, so it is a pretty rare occurrence :(

    Jorden x

  4. aww bummer well I'll just have to make if for you someday when u visit america


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