Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday & Projects In Progress

I recently found Mandisa actually I think it was Monday on Good Morning America and I hunted up her you tube videos and realized that so much  of her music speaks to me directly u know how it is when something speaks to your soul to your spirit- it lifts you up and makes you feel better well this song did that for me the past couple of days  

so I'm gonna let ya see the not so nice
the crazy mess on the inside of my house this week lol
it is driving me crazy and making me want to scream making me feel out of control funny thing is I have taken more steps this week to be "IN Control" of my life I am being more diligent about counting my calories on my
Salter Nutri-Weigh Dietary Computer Scale
(this is not a paid endorsement although if they want to contact me I am good with that I just think this is a great helpful easy to use product that I am using to help myself loose weight and gain control)
and I have committed to walking- and it is kicking my but - hopefully kicking the butt right off of me lol  
See I want to be able to go to places like Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse and The Grand Canyon next year and be comfortable walking.... that is a big time goal.
Well I guess I have kind of let you see a bit of the mess on the inside of me too lol now back to the house
although I know this song is more about the emotional crazy mess on the inside that we all go through sometimes and truthfully every lil thing is making me tear up this week from a commercial to a you tube video to  Principal Sherrie Gahn of a Las Vegas Elementary school that is meeting the needs of her students on a daily basis
( I think I am PMSING)
This time it's about the crazy mess here at home- a ton of things in the works and no real publishable progress on anything lol
But lets go through it 

There is the never ending laundry - you know how it goes as soon as the basket is empty you can find something else to fill it.  But the thing is my wonderful dear hubby made these great shelves over our W+D I think more than a year ago and I still haven't made curtains to hide the collection of stuff- all stuff we need and use but none the less stuff.  I could go on about not finding a fabric I like and not figuring out how to go about it but at this point it's crawling up under my skin so the fabric is coming out of the stash and I'll figure out a way lol
this is the bed our bed which is awesome for us 

with our Doggie Girl ramp for Maggie and Jorgie that my honey made and the bed is now dressed in clean linens and the beautiful set my dh picked out recently- well bout 6 months ago from BB+B it has beautiful Texas Stars and Barbed wire stitched on it.  Much prettier than it sounds but there are alot of accent projects I have going on for this room that are in the works
this is the rug I am knitting from old t-shirts 8-) 
we shall see lol inspired by something I saw at a Linky Party recently

THEN there is this the TWO closets that aren't meeting needs
this is the coat closet in the hallway- we have never used it as a coat closet immediately upon moving in I turned it into a shoe closet - never did like the idea of keeping smelly shoes in your clothes closet

and the other closet above is our guest room closet that isn't serving this family very well and I have been tossing around the idea of flipping them so that is in the works

this stuff here well one comes from the Mother of Invention 
NECESSITY lol and the other come from pinspiration so stay tuned for that!!

So all this is in the works and none of it was worked on last weekend because we got food poisoning from a restaurant in Wichita Falls Texas- big clue here was- I ordered Iced Tea- he brings it too us and the waiter says taste it u might want to order something else alot of my customers don't like the way our water tastes right now- there is something wrong with it.... me oh yuk it is awful- honey tazte this- oh it's gross get something else - so I order something from the bar **Lifenote- restaurants still have to cook stuff with water- i.e. mexican rice and beans... water from a restaurant doesn't just end up in their iced tea... 4 days of well u get the picture ugh!!.
Have a great weekend coming up everyone
hope you enjoyed the song.


  1. That is awful about the restaurant and food poisoning! I hear you on the constant messes... way to keep it real! LOVE the shoe closet!! (And love Mandisa too :)

  2. Hi RaNae, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. Hi Rae- I hope everything is well. I have been meaning to visit and haven't and tody I just did it when I was thinking about it. Thinking of you and hope you ae jsut taking a break for a little while

  4. Hi Ranae~how is the rug knitting going? I'd love to see the finished project. I remember that my grandma used to crochet rugs out of plastic breadwrappers. I know it sounds really ugly, but I think she bought a lot of different brands of bread to get different colors and some of them were pretty! You had to 'touch' to realize they were made out of plastic.

    Hope all is well with you and Doug!

  5. Ohmygosh! I love your blog, and your pups, however, if you called what I saw a 'mess' you should come check out my disaster. I'd have to hire professionals to get it down to messy, and I admire your ability to make a change and get it done with such resolve.

    I saw Mandisa on Good Day New York - love her!


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