Saturday, August 18, 2012

UGH FIRE ANTS Can I get some Sympathy LOL

Freaking  Fire ANTS what freaking good are they??  what good are any kind of ants?   I mean what is their purpose in the big scheme of things??  I think they were made to just p. o. humans.  Oh wait I now remember that national geo program where they are removing decay from the rain forest or something useful like that. Useful phhh   Well why can't I have that kind around here? I got to have fire ants and in our 7 years of living here we have never had them come into the house.... until today today of all days a day when I had a bad night fighting a flu vacillating (that one is for you honey)between the shivers and the sweats... having to wake up at 4:30 to get my honey off to work(thank God that don't happen often)... a day when I had plans of surfing linky parties and pinterest and tweeting... now I have moved all the furniture in my living room sprayed the ants dead in the house... proceded to do a granual sweep of the foundation pouring poison on 5 nests now i have to vacuum and then steam clean the poison out of the carpet in the living room- so not what I wanted to do today... Freakin fireants and I know my Texas Peeps know what I am talking about.... Accepting all forms of Sympathy promptly- gifts candy chocolate baked goods please Fed Ex to 101 feeling sorry for myself way Texas USA lol
Have a great weekend
Sure wish I had instagram bet someone caught me roaming the outside of my house in nightgown and robe poking nests and pouring poison... lol I know someone facebooked the crazy ant lady lol...
ok stepping away from the key board now
well I wasn't away for long wanted to add a couple things for those that don't know what fire ants are - they are a red ant that likes to bite humans - if u fall into a nest- thus disturbing them or even step on one - depending on the size of the nest they can cover you in a minute with millions of biting ants...
even one bite to someone who is allergic can be deadly.
The other thing is I wanted to share  that u all know I am desperatly trying to loose weight-it is things like this situations like this that make me want to eat eat alot doesn't even have to be oooey gooey comfort foods- I don't know if it is because i feel so out of control or the selfishness in me isn't getting to do what I want so I am gonna give myself food.. and lots of food cause that is gonna make it better- well it never does...part of me thinks I shouldn't be sharing this but i bet there are gals and guys out there who can relate.... anywhooo I am committing to yall to MYSELF not to stuff my body with food today over this cause it ain't gonna make a dang thing feel better and it will just set me back and the guilt just a viscious circle that won't start today
xoxo RaNae

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