Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rolled Flowers and Yarn storage

I have a new appreciation for "rolled flowers"  I have been eyeing them for months on the blogs and pinterest - they grace everything from wreaths to hair pins to purses and cell phone cases.  I have been in love with them but $ is tight and I thought ohh I can make them so this past week while my cooking mojo was gettin a tan and reenergizing herself I decided to craft a little while watching tv- I cut out these letters from a cardboard box and covered in twine. Glued them to an old picture mat added silver scrollies and decided it needed some rolled flowers to accent it... well girls 
Those suckers are hard to do LOL at least hard for me to do I will now be purchasing all rolled flowers.

now the whole project didn't turn out pristine in the flashes I/u can see misplaced glue and smudges but the saying means something to me it came into my heart after God led me to this post HERE
when I needed to hear just what Lauren Rebecca 
had to say and I am grateful to her and to the Holy Spirit for leading me to her thoughts that day so because of that because I see the gratitude the love and the heartfelt sharing of thoughts and concerns and encouragement I don't see smudges well because of all that and the fact that I need new glasses LOL.
Have a great Tuesday

Side note I am attaching a picture of where I store my yarn for reference in answering another bloggers ?
I store my yarn in this bookcase I bought from Ikea a few years back.  The wicker baskets are from Ikea but when my stash grew I would rather put the money into more yarn rather than new baskets so I customized some cardboard boxes to size and decoupaged them to make them pretty.  I also store all my yarn craft books in this case and it is right behind my recliner for easy access.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Recipe- Light Summer Rice Salad doubles as Taco- YUM YUM

This Terrific Light Summer Rice Salad Recipe doubles as a taco and is even more fabulous in that role than it's original character and I have my husband Doug to thank for that - since putting it into a Taco shell was his idea. The best thing is  this couldn't be easier to put together and the funny thing is I birthed it from a red beans and rice with tofu disaster- but eh you never know unless u try right lol.  What is that ole saying good things come to those who wait?? I say good things come to those who try!!!

So what u will need is 
* 2 cups cooked white rice cooled
(u may use brown I will next time)
* 3/4 of an orange pepper chopped
* 2 cooked ears of corn cooled and kernels removed
( I microwave my corn see HERE )
* A good handful of fresh cilantro leaves chopped
Tajin Classico seasoning see HERE

I get mine at Wal Mart in the Produce Department
Lime Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
For tacos 
*Taco Shells of your choosing 
(next time I will use stand alone shells)
*Sour Cream of your choosing
*Picante Sauce of your choosing
*Fresh cut up avocado
* Shredded Cheese of your choosing we use sharp cheddar
(it is the small red flecks in my salad pic)
The mixture should look just "glossed" from the olive oil.
I chilled mine at this point for about 4 hours because I thought it was gonna be a side dish but it turned into tacos Thanks Honey *-) *-) wink wink
Right before you serve give a couple good squirts of lime juice and mix

At this point I Heated the taco shells on 375 for 4 minutes just enough to get the oil in them toasty then removed them and let them cool
once cooled fill with rice mixture top with cheese and the condiments of your choice and voila

This is just fantastic as tacos it is light and cool and fresh and the flavors compliment each other beautifully my hubby Doug was really loving them
after all he was the first person to teach me to cook 28 years ago something I will always treasure- Love u Honey your a sweetie- too bad I'm the only one...shhh lol

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Mojo Misplaced and Vegan ?'s

Well you would think that something that started out looking this good would taste fantastic ... right??? Right--- WRONG lol
it was inspired by a cherry tomato and squash crumble- but I thought I would add other veggies and pasta and ricotta and mozzarella- but I didn't saute any of the veg I just popped it in the oven thinking the tomatoes would burst and it would be all juicy and wonderful.....NOT it was so dry and the veg were just warmed lol....

I was left with this to contend with.... ugh

So after a disaster like that you would think.... that a girl could get it back together... so I came up with a potato salad with steamed green beans and dill I liked it but it didn't pass the Dear Hubby test so it doesn't make it to the blog... lol

Ok today I decided to give it one more try and let me tell ya if this doesn't work I may just go back to eating meat LOL...
So I thought I would do this crock pot veg and wheat noodle lasagna- oh my gosh the opposite of the first recipe this was soo juicy the lasagna noodles that were not pre cooked turned to mush and this was pretty tasteless.... looks ok but a mess none the less so what do you do with that....

ya slop lots of cheese on the top of it for the oven tomorrow and hope the 
Dear Hubby can live with it for one meal

ok these may not be totally vegan ?'s I have recently given up eating meat- i.e chicken beef pork I haven't had fish since the beginning of July and not sure if I will in the future but right now it is what it is... I am not getting into seitan and tofu and this and that yet either- I mean I am a foodie food addict so the best I can do right now is work with veg and beans and grains and cheese and eggs.
Last time I was at the grocery I bout broke down on the way to the car with the cart- I felt totally overwhelmed and then when I got into the house with the grocery... bout lost it again

So those of you who primarily  eat a veg based diet how do you plan your meals - do you go to the store and buy what looks good then plan a menu or the opposite

What kind of storage do you use for your veg for your greens
Do you have just a frig and no freezer
What kind of frig freezer do you have - mine is not optimal for a veg based life
how often do you go to the grocery do you buy a big amount or go to the store more often
I think the answers to these ?'s and any other advice u are willing to give will help me to plan better and be less stressed



Friday, July 20, 2012

Emergency Pet Prayers Needed Immediately Please

I have a dear sweet inspirational friend in Canada who's precious Majesty is in desperate need of Prayers along with Mommy Jasmine Please see
HERE to read the story.
Saturday Update HERE on Majesty
Thanks so much everyone

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday 7-18-2012

What I wore Wednesday - well it  has been a while since I posted last - been busy
We went out on Sunday to run errands and grab a bite to eat- I have given up meat- it has been  probably since July 3 - I did eat meat once this last week and I got real sick-- won't go into details but it verrified what I am doing for myself is right.  A couple other benefits I have noticed so far is I have started loosing weight and my skin has been wonderful.  I will post a pic from a couple months ago- u can see the skirt part of my skort is now hanging longer on me - below my knee and u can't see my big tummy poking through anymore.  I am thrilled with the progress thank you for your kind words of support and forgive me for not wearing makeup but when it is 99 it just melts off anyways lol

here are the pics from a few months back

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Recipe Squash Salad With Goat Cheese

This is a great light summer squash salad dressed with a bright and light vinegarett, topped wit goat cheese that has been tossed in fresh chopped parsley and served with a side of beautiful ripe wedged tomatoes.  This serves 4 hungry souls.

What u will need is
* 2 cups cooked organic whole grain spaghetti.
*1/2 large cucumber shaved into strips with a veg peeler
*2 - 3 ounces goat cheese * 1 zucchini sliced thin * 1 small summer squash sliced thin

* 1 tiny clove garlic grated dash of salt and a dash of pepper

* A splash of good Balsamic Vinegar

* A couple tablespoons of good EVOO

* A Good Shake of dried Italian Seasoning Herbs

* The juice and zest of 1 small lemon

* 1 pack of Truvia

Mix all ingredients until emulsified and pour over vegetables - mix to coat all of the cucumber, zucchini and squash.  Add Pasta and Toss.  In a separate bowl crumble goat cheese and toss with chopped fresh parsley. 
Plate your salad- top with goat cheese and side with a fresh wedged tomato 


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recipe Chocolate Brownie Cake 188c 4.5g fat

This is a super easy super yummy oooey gooey chocolate brownie cake that cooks up in no time in this 

I mean like way under 10 minutes I always forget to time it I just go by steam and checking it.

This is
I just happened upon this at Wal Mart see HERE

Yes I have been playing again trying some new stuff in the Pizza Maker or as I will refer to it from now on Wonder Gadget of All Time.
I have already made THIS and THIS and I tried something else yesterday and will post about it at a future time
back to the oooey gooey goodness
U will need 
*Countertop Pizza Maker
*2 small over ripe bananas mashed 
*1 cup 100% pure pumpkin
*1 Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Devils Food Cake Mix
a touch of olive oil to wipe over the pizza maker with a paper towel

mix the banana pumpkin and cake mix together
this takes a bit of work but is worth it
plug in your pizza maker and heat to green light
wipe the base of your pizza maker with a touch of olive oil and paper towel
spread batter in the pizza maker as evenly as possible
close lid and let cook 
 Like I said I didn't time it I am sure it will depend on the humidity in your area and this started out as an experiment and ended up an OHH YEAHHH
I go by looks steam release and smell
it was somewhere between 5- 10 minutes

Nutritional Info the way I figured it
Cake Mix  serves 12
Cake Mix as Mix 170c 4.5 g fat/ serving= 1/12 cake

1 cup pumpkin 80 
2 extra small bananas 144
224 /12= 18
170  + 18 = 188 per serving 

I just wanted to show u what I have to deal with cleaning up with the pizza maker
just gotta wipe it out with a damp towel

sorry for the second post today but this was just too good not to share for the weekend.
xoxo RaNae

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